09 autumn makeup new trend zero distance contact 8 big points

    This fall, the retro makeup of the 80s and 19s spread, from the midnight monk, the noble lady and other queen styles, bringing out the strong purple and smoky eye makeup this season, more bright colors, including delicate red lips and fingers The tip is a must learn!

First, the purple eye makeup shines

09 autumn and winter presents a mysterious atmosphere of purple, but unlike the previous color-block eye makeup, this year's purple smudged and delicate paintings make the eye makeup more refined; like Dior started in the 1930s, through the delicate purple smoke Smoked, with a combination of mercerizing and powdery to create a unique charm style, makeup artist Zhang Yuting suggested to use purple smudged smudge, and then use gray to strengthen the brow bone and the end of the eye, but the color conflict is strong and degraded; and clé depeau BEAUTÉ Choose elegant retro purple, velvet texture with light satin, showing the style of the marquis. Looking at the autumn and winter of this season, the wild and exaggerated focus eye makeup is no longer, the world-famous elegant classic style.

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