10 moisturizing sprays to evaluate the supple PK

In the dry office, the moisturizing spray has become a must-have item for women. Replenishing water, makeup, DIY simple mask, want to moisturize at all times, you can rely on this little magic stick.

Evaluation standard

1. Spray area: The larger the area, the more economical the spray is.

2. Water beads: The smaller the water droplets, the better the absorption of the water droplets. The larger the water droplets, the lower the absorption power.

3. Jet force: The stronger the force, the better the penetration and absorption of moisture.

LA MER Sea Blue Revitalizing Soothing Spray

LA MER Sea Blue Revitalizing Soothing Spray

Reference price: 600 yuan / 125ml

Spray area: round

Water droplet size: ★★★★

Jet strength: 1 layer

Taste: light fragrance

Moisturizing ingredients: rose water

Editor's comment: Not only is hydration so simple, the active magnet contained in it is exceptionally special, in addition to hydrating and moisturizing, it also enhances skin vitality and regains energy in tired and dull skin. It can also be used as a final makeup to make the makeup look last longer. It is especially suitable for women in office before the stressful meeting, not only can make the skin shine, but also refreshing at the same time, not to worry about making up the makeup. If it is sprayed on a cotton pad, it can also be used as a soothing eye mask. Do not use a paper towel to dry after spraying.

CLINIQUE Clinique Moisturizing Spray

CLINIQUE Clinique Moisturizing Spray

Reference price: 280 yuan / 125ml

Spray area: round

Water bead size: ★★★☆

Jet strength: 2 layers

Taste: light fragrance

Moisturizing ingredients: Aloe Vera (composite ingredients of active water and aloe)

Edit Comment: Contains aloe vera living water, polysaccharide ingredients and sodium hyaluronate moisturizing compound formula, glycerin and other moisturizing ingredients, instant hydration effect is obvious, absorption is also very fast, after the water is dry, it will be a little slippery after touching. You can also use it without any scruples after makeup. Don't worry about flower makeup.

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