14 years, Big Red changes beverage bottle design

“For more than 14 years, the outer beverage bottles of our products have been untouched and have never changed the design and style of beverage bottles,” said Thomas Oh, Director of Product Development at Big Red. "When we are embarking on this year's new marketing strategy, we think it's time to update the outer bottle pattern of our products to make our brand more modern and give people a positive feeling." Big Red It is the earliest red soda brand in the United States and has also set a record for sales. A few days ago, Big Red broke through its iconic beverage bottle design and launched a new, stylish and modern beverage bottle. This is the first time the product has changed its outer beverage bottle design since its launch in 1997.

After deliberately screening and appraising over 40 different design solutions, Big Red narrowed the scope of alternative design options, sparked hot debates on Facebook, and made the final decision based on Facebook's vote. "With the enthusiasm of such enthusiastic consumers, we want to ensure that our consumers can participate in the change process of this product's beverage bottle design program and listen carefully to consumers' opinions," said Thomas Oh. “The avant-garde design that we eventually chose was a choice that was completely faithful to consumers and was based on the consumer’s favorite brand design.”
The brand new drink bottle design is more stylish and beautiful. It features the popular "splashing feeling". The brand name with a unique custom font design is particularly prominent under the background of sparkling splashes. Many bubbles have also been carefully designed. In addition, based on its main taste, it has added a taste that has been described as “sweet and refreshing”. This is a unique and special flavor that people look forward to. Many eager consumers call it “indescribable”. Delicious."
The new beverage bottle will begin on June 6th, 2011, and will sweep the national market for a week, including the soda pop brands including Big Red, Diet Big Red and Big Blue. All of its beverage bottle models will be newly remodeled. In addition, beverage bottles of other flavors (such as Big Pineapple, Big Peach, Big Orange) will be renewed by the end of this year.

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