16 Tips to Effectively Save Printing Costs

If you have just assumed responsibility for the company's print purchases, you may feel a bit confused. Please don't worry, no one will blame you. You are thinking. You are thinking, "Where should I go? Who deserves my trust? How can I know how much the printing cost is?"

Relax, everyone has the first time. Here we summarize some cost-saving tips for newcomers entering the printing field. Especially in the case of economic crisis, these tips become even more important.

Today, let's discuss paper issues first. Do you know that paper accounts for one-third or even half the cost of a printed job? Choosing a reasonable amount of paper and understanding the significance of the paper size for a job are crucial to you. important. Let's start learning now...

1. Stick to paper that is a multiple of 8-1/2 x 11 inches. This is a standard size. If you deviate from this size, you will need to pay more for the job.

2. Use the original paper in the printing factory. Printing houses usually store several commonly used papers in their own factories. Choosing their existing papers will save you a lot of time and money.

3, reduce the weight of paper. The heavier the paper is, the higher the price.

4. Reducing the size of the cut - even if it is only reduced by 1/4 inch, it may have a big impression on the total cost of some jobs. When in doubt, consult your printing house.

5. Merge jobs. By planning ahead, you can print multiple jobs on the same paper.

6, only print their own needs, reduce waste.

7, choose digital printing. Digital printing can print exactly what you want – even if only one. Most of today's printing companies have digital printing equipment or have a partnership with another company that can do digital printing.

8, reduce the number of pages.

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