2013 wardrobe new trend inventory, post-80s preferences are the mainstream of innovation

[Network] [Chinese wardrobe Chinese wardrobe Network] from simple clothes storage box, developed to a variety of whole wardrobe, now the home improvement market, custom closet more and more people are welcome. However, there are also many consumers who prefer to find a home improvement company or a woodworking wardrobe. Therefore, in the wardrobe market is very competitive today, the wardrobe manufacturers must find ways to attract customers' attention, the wardrobe design has become an important means to win customers' feelings, and the humanized design of the wardrobe is the edge of the wardrobe manufacturers.

Wardrobe function

2013 wardrobe new trend inventory, post-80s preferences are the mainstream of innovation

After satisfying its basic clothing storage function, the pursuit of fashion, personalization and humanization has become the goal of modern urban consumers; the appearance of customized wardrobes has subverted the concept of people's wardrobes in the past, and more diverse and personalized. The pursuit of different people. In 2013, it has entered the countdown stage. Now, Xiaobian is taking stock of the new trend of the 2013 wardrobe industry.

80 after the main consumer, the fashion simple wardrobe is favored

"After 80" has become the main force in the current housing and decoration. Grasping the consumption habits of this group after the "80s" has an important role in capturing market share. They grew up in relatively superior material conditions and sought development in a highly competitive society; high housing prices and CPIs that did not run wage increases made them breathless; but the new wave, the pursuit of modern fashion, is still theirs. The theme; therefore, simple and not vulgar, practical and not modern, modern and simple and practical products, can meet their needs.

Women become the market leader, wardrobe product innovation must keep up

In every woman's dream, there is a noble and gorgeous wardrobe filled with all the fairy tales about beauty, fashion and life. In modern life, with the continuous improvement of the status of women, the concept of "male to say the least" in the family has gradually faded, and the concept of feminism has become more and more important. As a wardrobe for women's beautiful clothes, it is more for women to have the final say. As a man, of course, they will satisfy their desire to love women. Wardrobe companies should also seize this feature and innovate in the production of feminine wardrobes.

Multi-function is still popular, and intelligence is beginning to sweep the market

After the basic storage function is realized in the wardrobe, the wardrobe is becoming more and more multifunctional. Like installing a password safe in the closet, intelligent human body induction LED lights, there is also a wardrobe that integrates drying, disinfection, sterilization and deodorization. In recent years, many wardrobe brands have brought together the multimedia wardrobes that combine LCD TV, audio and other design concepts with wardrobes, which has attracted the attention of many people. The variety of wardrobe products really opens our eyes.

Pay attention to the details of the wardrobe, the design is meticulous

In addition to the style and style of the wardrobe products, the designer has also strengthened the handling of the wardrobe details. In terms of hanging clothes, in addition to ordinary clothes rails and hangers, rotary hangers, pull-down hangers, and clothes rails with lighting functions have been designed and developed. Pants and professional pants racks, as well as tie racks and belt racks, are designed to be meticulous. There are also underwear drawers separated by squares, drawer panels with hanging keys and small ornaments, which reflect the care of people everywhere. The material and structure changes in the new wardrobe also reflect human care.

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