6 fitness exercises for the winter

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Don't think that winter fitness is very rare, just that you don't want to exercise. If you look closely at the fitness activities that are suitable for winter, the following six sports are suitable for you.


Jogging is the most popular aerobic exercise method in the world. It has a good effect on maintaining good heart function, preventing heart function decline, preventing muscle atrophy, preventing coronary heart disease, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and obesity.

The speed of jogging should not be too fast. To maintain a uniform speed, subjectively do not feel uncomfortable. Objectively, it is better to control the heart rate at 180 minus the age. For example, a 60 -year-old person should have a heart rate of 180-60=120 beats per minute, exercise time of not less than 20 minutes, and no less than 4 times a week. For patients with chronic diseases, it is advisable to choose a scheme with low intensity and short time. For middle-aged and elderly people, those with poor physical fitness should choose a scheme with small intensity and long duration. Young people and those with better physical fitness should choose stronger intensity and shorter duration. Program.

Run away

There are two ways to run away: one is to run first and then run, that is, 1 minute after running for 1 minute, alternating. You can adjust the amount of exercise every 2 weeks to shorten the walking time and increase the running time. The other is to start exercising by walking. As the body adapts, the transition gradually changes to walking by jogging. Exercise time can last 20 to 30 minutes, not less than 4 times a week. Suitable for those who are initially active in exercise and infirm.


Cycling fitness is no less than jogging and swimming. In order to achieve fitness goals, exercisers must master the intensity of exercise: the initial should generally reach 60 times per minute; for those with a certain foundation, the idle speed per minute can be 75 to 100 times. The time for each exercise should not be less than 30 minutes, not less than 4 times a week.


Stairs is a combination of fitness and daily life. It is a simple, effective, easy-to-develop, and easy-to-adjust exercise method. It is favored by residents living in high-rise buildings in the metropolis.

Stairs are a more intense form of aerobic exercise. Exercisers must have good health. They usually use walking, running, multi-level crossing and jumping. Exercisers can choose the exercise method that suits them according to their physical condition and environmental conditions. The beginner should start from a slow speed and last for 20 minutes. As the physical strength increases, the speed will gradually increase or extend the duration. When the physical capacity can withstand 30 to 40 minutes, you can gradually transition to running, jumping or multi-level stairs.


According to Japanese experts, the modes of exercise available for hypertensive patients include walking, cycling, and swimming. Walking through the repeated contraction of the muscles causes the blood vessels to contract and expand, thereby lowering blood pressure.


All aerobic exercise has a brain-building effect, especially in bouncing, which can promote blood circulation, play a role in promoting vitality, brain and warm lungs, and improve thinking and imagination.

These are just a few of the sports that are suitable for winter fitness. To choose the fitness that suits you, pay attention to safety when exercising.

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