6-step facial detoxification massage technique to create a translucent muscle

We have a lot of lymph on our face and neck. We often massage these lymphs to promote cell blood circulation and skin metabolism, improve facial edema, dark complexion, how to detoxify the face? The following small series teaches you how to detoxify your face. .

6-step facial detoxification massage technique

Step 1: Three-pointed forehead massage

First bend the thumb and the little finger, extend the index finger and the middle finger, the ring finger, place the three fingers in the middle of the forehead, and then gently slide to the sides of the forehead. This action is done 6 times. It can promote lymphatic circulation and promote the discharge of waste to both sides.

Step 2: Massage from the inside of the eye to the outside

Place the index finger's fingertips on the eyes of the eyelids on both eyes, then gently massage around the eyes. After doing it three times, the lower eyelids are also massaged from the inside out, gently pulling to the temple, this action three times.

Step 3: Massage from the back of the ear to the collarbone

Put your finger on the neck of your ear. From here, use your fingers to massage the clavicle with lymph nodes to promote lymphatic circulation and promote skin metabolism.

Step 4: Massage the upper lip

Bend your thumb, use your other four fingers to press your abdomen, and gently press down on the top of your lip and press it five times. The lower lip should also be massaged five times to the chin. This action is good for removing waste from the corners of the mouth.

Step 5: Massage the tibia from the inside out

Place the four fingers on the corners of your mouth and gently massage your cheeks from inside to outside along the contours of the cheekbones to lift and tighten the skin, remove excess water and improve facial edema .

Step 6: Massage the clavicle

From the back of the ear, massage the neck to the position of the clavicle, and gently push down with your fingertips to remove excess water and waste from the clavicle.

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