8 pieces to help you create the most IN metal makeup this season

From bottoming to eye and lip makeup, you can complete a complete set of delicate makeup products. Metallic luster will be a hot spot for makeup this spring and summer. Sweep up the exhaust gas and make it a bright and energetic girl!

Metal makeup preferred makeup items:

Barbie Polan Instant Recovery

Barbie Polan Instant Recovery

Product Name: Barbie Polan Instant Recovery

Product price: New product is not priced

Recommended reason: This touch-up cream is light and easy to apply, creating a smooth skin while evening the complexion, covering the enamel, creating a long-lasting, natural finish.

Lancome's new four-color eye shadow

Lancome's new four-color eye shadow

Product Name: Lancome brand new four-color eye shadow

Product price: 495RMB

Recommended reason: The earthy color of the layer is very rich. Trying the light color part alone can create a daily commuter makeup, and the dark part can instantly make the eyes look fascinating and fascinating. Light color and super coloring power make your eyes look different in different light. The long-lasting makeup effect and vitamin E's eye-protecting ingredients make the eye makeup look comfortable all day long, and the charming charm (microblogging) charm is instantly available.

Shu Uemura colorless eye shadow tray

Shu Uemura colorless eye shadow tray

Product Name: Shu Uemura Colorless Eyeshadow

Product price: 560RMB

Recommended reason: It is designed for fashionable women who have unique insights into the trend. With a futuristic silver base, it's a unique but unconventional dress style that is both glamorous and vibrant. The cool color is the most suitable for the sharp-eyed eyes, shaping the image of the ITgirl who is confident and independent and makes people fall.

Kanebo Beauty Skin Powder 2011

Kanebo Beauty Skin Powder 2011

Product Name: Jialibao Beauty Powder 2011<MilanoCollection2011>

Product price: 24g/880

Recommended reason: "Jia Li Bao Mei Mu Mei 2011 (MilanoCollection2011)" has a velvety moisturizing and smooth touch. It is a high-performance powder for makeup that is delicate and delicate, and can be used in any kind of foundation. (SPF14·PA++) In addition to the original bee milk moisturizing ingredients, this model is also equipped with the theme of "daisy essence" (moisturizing) to moisturize the skin. Even the skin that is easy to dry can make it look moist and elegant.

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