9 things make your skin whiter

The first thing becomes beautiful, starting from correct face washing

According to the survey, more than 70% of women did not choose the right cleansing products for themselves, and there are different degrees of misunderstandings in the method of washing the face. Adjust the face washing method in time, otherwise the wrong care will invade the skin every day, so that you can not wipe any skin care products.

The second thing must learn to sleep

You may be scornful--sleeping and learning? But ignoring late night maintenance, it's easy to get your skin age = actual age x1.2. This is why the beauty industry has repeatedly promoted the concept of “time-sharing maintenance, late-night beauty”. Effective sleep allows you to maintain more than 8 hours a day!

The third thing often laughs can automatically regulate endocrine

Putting a "bitter face" every day will make the skin cells lack nutrients, the skin on the face will be dry and wrinkled, and at the same time it will deepen the "smear" of the face. Smiled, less than ten years. Emotional stability is important for endocrine balance. A woman with a gentle and tolerant heart is beautiful. This is not just a psychological impression.

The fourth thing, don't drink tea after a meal.

Iron is an important element for making your face white and red. As a tonic, it is also learned after a meal. Vitamin C can promote iron absorption. The oranges like grape orange and grapefruit juice are the best, and the coffee is easy to oxidize. Or tea, it will make the nutrient intake fall. Therefore, if you don't drink tea after a meal, your face will be rosy and moving!

The fifth thing to do sun protection, one thing top ten thousand things

Just use one piece of data to talk about the necessity of sunscreen--the latest survey data in Europe and America shows that women who insist on sunscreen every day will look 13 years younger than they are at the age of 50--that is, they look 37 years old. Know the seriousness of the problem! Come join the sunscreen army.

The sixth thing to avoid hurting your face because of cosmetics

Less girls love to be eager to cut, usually use their face as a "test field" for skin care products and cosmetics. In this way, acne, red blood, and yellow color are born. Only when you choose a reasonable choice of cosmetics will you not become a trap for yourself.

The seventh thing to control the oil to make the face cleaner

The oily face looks dirty, no matter what the skin color, it looks like a face. In fact, the mysterious "oil gland" is like a water pipe. Everyone should carry out an effective pipeline maintenance like the one that keeps on the water.

The eighth thing to try to see cross-brand mixed skin care products

There are many people who misunderstand the mixing of skin care products, and think that it is only possible to use a brand from face to night cream. In fact, the mixed skin care products will not cause adverse effects on the skin, but will help to replenish the nutrients needed by the skin. Because various skin care brands have their own strengths, they also have unique features in skin care nutrition formulas. Therefore, mixing different brands of skin care products can complement each other in nutrition.

The 9th thing to chew gum can be beauty

According to Dr. Fox, the director of the Los Angeles Facial Neuromedicine Center in the United States, people who chewed gum for 15-20 minutes a day began to reduce wrinkles in the back and become more rosy. In daily life, chewing sugar cane, gluten, etc. will also play the same role.

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