A brief overview of the status of domestic cold-storage tanks

At present, domestic self-cooled cans have also made gratifying results. Shanghai Huadong Food and Beverage Industry Research Institute has successfully developed a new generation of “self-cooled (white-hot) beverage cans” and was recommended by the China Food Science and Technology Society as a recommended product. According to experts, this self-cooling tank is actually an overall dynamic structure made using the principle of cold absorption and heat absorption. Through a rotary switch outside the tank, the liquid reactant reacts quickly with the refrigerant in the tank, so that the temperature or temperature rise rapidly occurs in the outer cup, and then the temperature is transmitted to the beverage in the inner cup in 1 minute to 2 minutes. The inside of the drink is lowered by 10°C to 15°C or raised to 43°C to 50°C. In this way, consumers can drink their desired drinks in a shorter period of time. This kind of self-cooled can products are used for polypropylene polypropylene plastic cups for food packaging. The outer layer is made of ordinary polypropylene plastic cups. The interlayers contain cooling materials. The finished beverages are packaged in corrugated boxes. After the initial product launch, “self-cooled easy-to-drink cans” are well received by consumers. For this reason, “self-heating cans” and “self-cooling cans” will be launched on the basis of the first generation of products. Second and third generation products.

According to estimates by experts, the cost of producing one bottle of this type of self-cooling cans beverage is between 1.3 yuan and 1.65 yuan, and the market price is between 3 yuan and 6 yuan. Of course, if the output of the enterprise is large, the cost will be reduced, and the current price of beverages will be reduced. Quite a bit, the difference is not big, consumers are easy to accept.

The market development of new cans is a brand new product. After development and promotion, it will inevitably create a new market for the company. From the perspective of canning consumption in China, the per capita consumption is only 4.6 cans, which cannot be compared with 380 cans for Americans. The market has great potential. In particular, China is a developing country, the popularity of refrigerators is not too high, the use of surface is not widely used, and the population mobility is very large. The idea of ​​obtaining icy drinks anytime and anywhere is very suitable for China. Since the cold cans can also reduce the automatic cold drink Investment costs for service facilities such as vending machines and hotels.

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