Advantech reagents-Britain develops plastic packaging products that are soluble in water

British scientists have developed a new type of plastic packaging product that is soluble in water. A packaging company called Cyberpac has released a new type of polymer known as "Harmless-Dissolve" by signing a deal agreement with the industry's magazine "Creative Review" in the British private innovation activity. Ester packaging system.

Since the release of this package claiming that "this bag is soluble in water", there are a large number of websites around the world that pay attention to its information, and blog sites in various countries-especially those that focus on environmentally friendly products-have published blog posts about it .

According to reports, some polymer plastics take hundreds of years to decompose, which means that the plastics produced by humans will exist on the earth for a long time. 80% of the plastic waste used by consumers is eventually transported to landfills, and only 7% is recycled. Taking the United Kingdom alone as an example, the country generates 30 million tons of domestic waste each year, of which 5.9 million tons are packaging products. In Scotland, plastic waste can be found in the stomachs of 96% of dead seagulls.

Nowadays, this "harmless decomposition" new plastic packaging product is made of hydroelectric decomposition matrix, which is 5 times stronger than ordinary polyethylene. It is a water-soluble polymer that can be completely biodegraded in a composting environment, dishwasher, or washing machine.

This packaged product has no harmful residues and will decompose into natural substances preferred by insects. It is non-toxic and can be degraded by microorganisms, mold and yeast.

These organisms can exist in artificial environments such as anaerobic digesters, as well as in composting and natural environments such as aquatic systems and soil. Microbes use it as a food source by producing a variety of enzymes that can interact with "harmless decomposition". Eventually, the packaging bag becomes carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

A spokesperson for the company said that "harmless decomposition" will bring about an industry: a fully degradable bag with great diversity and flexibility. "It can be made into many colors and styles-" harmless decomposition "can be made into any size of envelope, printed with biodegradable ink in full color, and finally completed with biodegradable cover layer and lip seal "He said," We are in contact with the military, aviation, pharmaceutical and automotive industries, and have the ability to master the packaging process in these fields to provide the most creative and innovative solutions. "

For some time now, the packaging industry in the United Kingdom has been taking garbage prevention as a design concept. The improvement of packaging design and production technology can save a lot of materials. For example, glass milk bottles are now 65% lighter than in 1940, 1 liter plastic detergent bottles are 58% lighter than in 1970, and carton boxes are 14% lighter than in 1971.

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