Air compressor (air compressor) installation attention

Installation location selection

1. When installing the air compressor, it is necessary to have a wide and well-lit place for operation and maintenance.

2. The relative humidity of the air should be low, the dust is small, and the air is clean and well ventilated.

3. When the air compressor is installed, the ambient temperature must be lower than 40 °C. The higher the ambient temperature, the less the air output of the air compressor.

4. If the factory environment is poor and there is a lot of dust, pre-filtering equipment must be installed.

5. Reserved passages, those with conditions can install a crane to facilitate maintenance of air compressor equipment.

6. Reserve space for maintenance, at least 70 cm or more between the air compressor and the wall.

7. The air compressor is at least one meter away from the top space.

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