Although I am ugly, but I am very gentle, the new trend of running shoes HOKA

The winter is coming and the weather is a little cold. I said that the companions can't stop running. I recently recommended something for winter running.

Speaking of running, is a lot of fat injuries, take Xiao Bian example, 180 pounds of weight running knee pain, ah, running knee appeared, wear cushioning running shoes Asics is also no good, I recently found a fat can run Buffer running shoes!

HOKA ONE ONE. When it comes to the rising star of HOKA, there are always HOKA players in the recent marathon. Many big cross-country runners have signed with HOKA.

At first glance, this shoe feels this shoe is so ugly and ugly. In fact, when you look at it, it is still very good-looking. The name of this shoe is conquest 2, which is the best cushioning effect and stability of the new shoes of HOKA in 15 years. The heel of 30mm, the forefoot of 26mm, the drop of 4mm, the weight of about 300g, many people see Such a thick midsole thinks it is very heavy, I said you were wrong, it is still very light!

If you want to know the specific other number, you can leave a message!

The initial consumer groups of Hoka One One are mostly professional players. In the mid-to-long-level competitions, thicker insoles can help relieve the impact of lower limbs. In recent years, people have noticed the importance of cushioning. They are no longer as focused on lightweighting as they used to. VFF's shoes are light enough, but bad buffers can't be worse. Now people's perception is that no injury is the first one! The minimalist style has passed!

Not being injured is the first one that is the aspiration of many runners, and we are not for the championship!

Its cushioning is truly unbeatable. He may not be as competitive as the S's lab series, but if you want to run comfortably over long distances, you can still laugh at the 100km run if you want to run on a sponge mat. , HOKA is definitely worth having!

You buy a pair of fat people! This is the direction of future development of running shoes!

Hair Conditioner

There are many types of conditioners, which can be classified according to different shapes, different functions or different methods of use.
1. According to the form
Hair conditioner can be divided into: transparent liquid, thick lotion and paste, gel form, aerosol formulation and hair mask formulation.
2. According to the function
It can be divided into normal hair conditioner, Dry Hair conditioner, Damaged Hair conditioner, anti-dandruff conditioner, styling conditioner, Sunscreen conditioner and hair conditioner after dyeing Wait.
3. According to the method of use

It can be divided into rinse-off conditioner, oily hair mask (treatment), leave-on conditioner and spray conditioner.

Main ingredients:
A typical hair conditioner contains 1-2% quaternized components and a total solid content of 3-10%, including fats, conditioners, stabilizers, preservatives, care ingredients, antioxidants, etc. Deep-conditioning conditioners may contain higher solids content.
Avoid overdose:
Use conditioner Conditioner is not that the more you use, the more moisturized your hair will be. Excessive use of conditioner will speed up the frequency of oily hair, especially those with oily hair. In fact, you only need to apply a small amount to the ends of the hair. The location is fine.
usage count:
It is generally recommended 2-3 times a week in spring and summer, and 1-2 times in autumn and winter. Frequent washing can also cause dry, frizzy and dull hair. The oil on the scalp is also greatly reduced. In severe cases, it can also cause seborrheic dermatitis.

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