Analysis of CIP Technology Problems - Imposition Problems

4. Layout issue

1. For smaller-sized books, double-copies or multi-copies are generally used for printing. However, if the text is arranged in a double-joint or multi-column book, the cover or backing paper is arranged in a single copy, so it is easy to make mistakes when making a large version. Adding a larger workload to the binding.

Solution: The book (including the text, cover, and backing paper, etc.) is arranged in a double-joint or multi-joint book, and the gap between them must be consistent.

2. For printed products, the printing characteristics are not taken into account and the printing requirements are not met. For example, the jobs with large differences in color are printed together.

Solution: Place as many prints of similar colors as possible in the same ink path.

3. For a series of multiple boxes of the same size, when there are two or more laps, it often happens that each large version has to be used as a die because of the gap.


(1) Use CAD software to make knife mold lines, and then use them in accordance with the knife mold line layout to ensure that the knife molds are shared.

(2) The different versions of the large version have different influences on the quality and efficiency of printing and binding. The optimal solution can enable the completion of the post process, and the failed spelling can bring unforeseen problems to the post process. Unable to complete or even have to rework. Therefore, the operator of the imposition version must be familiar with prepress, printing, and post-printing procedures. It is advisable to have special personnel to conduct quality checks.

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