Analysis of drupa hotspot technology: inkjet + offset =?

In the past days, people have been discussing whether inkjet is better than offset printing or offset printing is better than inkjet. Now, drupa has given us the answer: the combination of inkjet and offset printing. Recently, Bisheng Editor gradually understood this combination in his study. Isn't the combination of inkjet and offset printing exactly the process of complementing each other?

Inkjet is a non-contact, pressureless, and printing plate-free printing technology, which can be printed by inputting the information stored in the electronic computer into the inkjet printer. Inkjet printing does not have high requirements for color overprinting and trapping. There is no need to consider registration accuracy, job preparation time is short, and it responds quickly to the market.

The offset printing process is cumbersome and prone to ink emulsification, which not only seriously affects the production speed and product quality, but also causes certain economic losses. The excessive emulsification of ink is usually caused by excessive water supply. Therefore, the operator will generally solve the problem by reducing the water supply and increasing the ink supply, but the adjustment effect can only be verified by printing, which is undoubtedly wasteful A certain amount of time and materials.

Therefore, the combination of inkjet and offset printing is complementary, is it more conducive to achieving green printing, variable printing, on-demand printing?

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