"Another Earth" brush screen furniture business how to take advantage of the trend

Recently, NASA announced that it has found that the news of another earth has been screened, which has aroused widespread concern. Many companies have also used this event to conduct marketing. The UNIQLO incident of a while ago was also used for marketing. Although this is not an event worthy of marketing, it can still be seen from the side that the use of marketing has become a phenomenon in the market. However, for furniture companies, in the face of the increasingly fierce market competition, we must consider carefully and find the right direction and key points before we can take advantage of it.
The so-called borrowing marketing is to hide the purpose of sales in the marketing activities, and to integrate the promotion of products into a environment that consumers love and enjoy, so that consumers can understand the products in this environment and accept the marketing methods of the products. However, in today's era, many companies are using resources, spending energy and gaining nothing when using the marketing. So how can furniture companies do a good job marketing?
In today's society, there are all kinds of new things happening every day. This is especially true on the Internet. It seems that every news has its own point. Therefore, furniture companies should seize the hot spot of the event and use the paragraph to leave a brand impression in people's minds. But this does not mean that furniture companies can arbitrarily substitute or reinvent, or even abandon ethical marketing. Like the UNIQLO marketing event of a while ago, it is clear that this is not a successful marketing. The hype of the company's use of vulgar hotspots is actually self-destructing image. This is a point for furniture companies to learn from.
In the "Internet +" era, furniture companies can, to a certain extent, embed brand information and brand culture into the minds of users through hot events, in order to experience interaction and inject blood into users. Borrowing marketing is far more affordable than chaos and harder, and it is more attractive to users. There is no suspense in the furniture companies to carry out the marketing of the potential, but in the selection of hot events, we must abandon those vulgar content and win the hearts of consumers with a positive image.
Borrowing marketing is a long-term need to continuously invest in work. Therefore, if furniture companies want to use the marketing of the market, they can't do “single hammer trading”. They must have a strategic vision, think from the future, start from now, and constantly adjust marketing activities around certain themes. ,

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