Application of permanent magnets in the packaging printing industry

Jundi Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in producing and trading all kinds of permanent magnets, including sintered NdFeB magnets, bonded NdFeB magnets, sintered ferrite magnets, bonded ferrite magnets (gel magnetics), and sintered SmCo magnets. Alnico magnets, etc. And supply related magnetic testing equipment and magnetic applications.
The use of permanent magnetic products, we must first understand its use, working environment, operating temperature and other information in order to decide what kind of permanent magnet materials.

Permanent magnetic material performance classification 1. Isotropic: Also known as the same sex, isotropic. Magnetic domains are randomly arranged (magnetodomains can be thought of as magnetic molecules, which have directionality of South and North poles) and are not oriented in a particular direction. Its magnetic force is weaker than anisotropic magnets. For magnets that are generally used for adsorption functions, the magnets are generally multi-pole magnetized in order to increase the magnetic force.
2. Anisotropy: Also known as the opposite sex, anomalies. The magnetic domains in the magnet have been arranged in a specific direction. The advantage of this kind of magnet is that its magnetic properties are stronger than those of isotropic magnets. Its magnetization direction is generally consistent with that of magnetic domains. The disadvantage is that the magnetization direction of magnets cannot be arbitrarily chosen. For example, multi-pole magnetization is more difficult than isotropic magnets. .

In the previous issues, we introduced the selection techniques for bonded magnets such as NdFeB, sintered ferrites, and bonded ferrites (Magnetic Magnets). This special issue provides detailed information on sintered NdFeB and other materials for the printing and packaging industry. The choice.

Sintered NdFeB magnets (Nd2Fe14B)
Neodymium iron boron permanent magnet material is a high-performance permanent magnet material that was introduced in 1983. Its main component is Nd2Fe14B, and it is also the world's strongest type of magnet. Its appearance is generally galvanized or nickel-plated, so mostly silver-white surface, its magnetic properties are higher than the general sintered ferrite permanent magnets (surface is mostly dark gray) more than 10 times, but the volume must be reduced to more than 5 times. With the continuous increase of the market demand for this product and the improvement of production technology, the price of this product has been significantly reduced in recent years, making it used in more industries to replace certain sintered ferrites. Magnetic products. For example: In order to reduce the volume and weight of the product, the Φ4~6 neodymium-iron-boron products can be used to replace the Φ10~20 sintered ferrite products in order to meet our requirements.
The application of magnetic products in the printing and packaging industry is mainly on the adsorption. It is generally used for the sealing of packaging boxes and the value-added properties of printed products. In this way, the magnets selected must have sufficient adsorption power, and they must not be too bulky. The beauty and weight of the product itself. NdFeB permanent magnets are the best solution for this. According to the thickness and size of the packaging box, gift box, makeup box and moon cake box, a NdFeB magnet with a diameter of 5-10mm and a thickness of 1-2mm is packaged in the box, and a piece of iron or iron is attached to the closure. Boron magnet can achieve excellent sealing effect, and the appearance of the use of traces can not be seen, so the product is also called invisible sealing magnetic.
Bonded Ferrite Magnetic AIC's rubber-bonded ferrite magnets (abbreviated as gelled magnets) are made of ferrite magnet powder mixed with rubber materials such as CPE and NBR. This permanent magnet material has very good flexibility. It can be easily bent and folded without impairing the performance of the magnet itself, and the plastic magnet can be trimmed, cut, punched, and post-processed using ordinary tools such as scissors.
The size of the magnets is diversified and can be adjusted according to customer's requirements. The following are the dimensions that AIC can achieve:
Minimum length -----30m
Width ----- 610mm
Roll thickness 0.4mm2.0mm
Thickness 0.4mm8.0mm
Plastic magnetic classification:
1. Isotropic rubber magnet: This type of magnet has a weak magnetic force and can be used for general adsorption purposes. It is widely used in magnetic sealing of packaging boxes, refrigerator magnets, gift magnets, and toys. And its price is cheaper.
2. Anisotropic magneto-magnetic: Magnets of this kind of magnet are about twice as strong as isotropic rubber magnets, and can be used for more demanding applications, such as magnets for stationery, magnets for hanging tools, and magnets for industrial use. If the suction requires a very high environment, you need to use other magnets, which we will introduce later.
The following are the main types of gels we recommend to you:
The magneto-elastic sheet can be affixed with the printing paper to make various promotional items such as a magnetic contact sheet and a magnetic refrigerator, and the non-magnetized surface can be coated with lacquer, so that the magnet has a smooth and anti-fouling appearance.
The color magnetic rubber is made of colored magnetic (usually white) PVC on the surface of the magneto-optic sheet. Customers can choose the color of the PVC according to their own requirements and use silk screen or Offset printing pattern.
Double Sided Glue Glue This type of Glue Glue is affixed with double sided magnetic tape. Customers can choose this type of Glue Magnetic according to their needs. This allows Glue Magnet to be directly affixed to the surface of the product without any gluing process.
The appearance of magnetic paper is the same as that of paper. Its thickness is only 0.25mm, and it can even be directly printed in an inkjet printer, which increases the flexibility and diversity of paper.
Other magnets of various shapes can be used for packaging and products that require adsorption.

The advantages of AIC 1. We have many years of experience in producing and designing magnet products. In addition to providing competitive magnet products with excellent quality to the industry, we can also provide professional product equipment and consulting services.
2. Our rubber magnetic products rank first in the same industry in the country, and all kinds of technologies have reached the world's leading level, so that we can produce plastic magnets with a thickness of only 0.4mm. The thinner the magnet, the cheaper it is, but its magnetic force is also relatively weaker. Magnets that are widely used in the market today have a thickness of 0.5 mm or more. AIC can mass-produce magnets with a thickness of 0.4mm, and the adsorption force is not far from that of a magnet with a thickness of 0.5mm, but the price is cheaper. The 0.4mm thick magnet is an excellent alternative to a 0.5mm thick magnet.
3. We have offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen (Dongguan) and Shanghai to facilitate customers around the world.
4. We can settle in RMB (VAT invoice available), HKD or USD. You can also choose to settle in China or Hong Kong. Regardless of the settlement method, we can ship the goods directly to your company's factory.

Due to space limitations, we will discuss sintered ferrite magnets, sintered samarium cobalt magnets, and AlNiCo magnets in detail in the next issue.

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