Application technology of uv machine and uv curing machine in printing industry

In the past, plastic sheet printing has always relied on screen printing. Due to the limitations of screen printing technology, fine-grade products cannot be printed. With the introduction of foreign equipment, new technologies and new processes, plastic sheet printing no longer depends on screens. Printing, offset printing in the developed areas of Guangdong, Zhejiang and other printing industries. Offset UV printing can be printed out with excellent process features such as fine craftsmanship, rich layers of printing patterns, strong three-dimensional impression, vivid colors, and multi-color overprinting. The exquisite products are widely popularized and promoted. The products are widely used in the stationery, gift packaging, food, toy, and high-grade daily packaging industries. The vast market prospects cause many printing companies to rush to introduce offset printing. technology.

Offset UV printing Off-press equipment from the machine must be equipped with UV curing machines and other UV drying equipment, usually UV curing machine, uv dryer, uv curing machine and other uv machine and offset press connection, but the market's UV drying Machines, UV curing machines and other equipment can not reach the process requirements of offset printing UV printing process, because the existing UV light curing machine, uv curing machine and other equipment on the market are used in the screen printing industry, the screen printing UV curing process The UV lamp used by UV light curing machine is a high temperature and low intensity UV lamp with low process performance. It has the disadvantages of high temperature and slow solid-state drying speed in the UV light curing process. It is not suitable for offset printing UV printing process, offset printing UV printing. Process requirements UV light solid-state drying speed must be synchronized with the high-speed production of the printing press, high-speed light solid-state drying, UV light curing after drying the print temperature must be within 50 °C at room temperature will not make the plastic sheet and print heat deformation, UV light curing machine, UV dryer, UV curing machine and other conventional equipment, UV light solid drying speed, high temperature, increase the power to increase the UV light solid drying speed and double the light-emitting temperature, which are constraints on the routine UV light curing machine, uv dryer , uv curing machine can not be compatible with offset press technical issues.

The process of offset printing for UV printing requires the production of a fully automatic offset low temperature high speed UV dryer, the use of imported advanced low temperature high intensity UV lamps, equipped with advanced UV lamp cooling system, so that UV light solid temperature control at room temperature around 45 °C, light The solid drying speed is 9000 sheets/hour, and an intelligent automatic delivery machine is also provided for the high-speed printing delivery of the offset printing press, which meets the low-temperature and high-speed UV printing process requirements of offset printing. Automatic offset low-temperature high-speed UV light solid machine, continuous optimization and development has now become a series, multi-model, multi-species and various types of monochrome multi-color offset press professional supporting the automatic offset low-temperature high-speed uv dryer brand-name products.

Marine Plywood

Item: Film Faced Plywood
Size: 1220*2440mm,1250*2500mm or as requested
Thickness: 2.5-25mm
Core: poplar, combi, hardwood
Film: chinese brown, dynea brown, black, red
Glue: MR, WBP, Melamine
Density: 500-630kgs/cbm
Moisture: 6-14%
Thickness tolerance: +/-0.5mm
Modulus of Rupture: â‰¥30Mpa

Modulus of Elasticity: â‰¥6000Mpa

1.High bending strength


2.Strong nail holding


3.Moisture-proof and easy work


4.Tight construction and high strength


5.No ratten or decay


6.Low formaldehyde emission


7.The productions are suitable for the construction of viaduct and tall frame building


8.If put in boiling water for 48 hours,it still glue sticking and still formed


9.If used abide by illustration strictly,it can be reuse more than 50 times


10.Solve the problem of leaking and rough surface during construction process.Particular suiltable for watering concreat.

Marine Plywood

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