Baseball court standard size sketch

[Preface] The professional baseball game is very strict on the safety of the golf course. In addition to the stands and scoring facilities, the requirements of the court are quite rigorous. In general, the biggest difference between a baseball field and a softball field is that baseball has pitching mounds and softball is not. Baseball court infield also requires the laying of turf, and softball is the base material and infield area are red clay material.

One, the origin of baseball

Baseball is derived from cricket. Today, the British still love cricket. Cricket hits with a bat. In 1839, American Deichlid hit the ball with a round stick and started baseball. Currently, baseball is still The United States, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan are more prevalent and have professional teams. Secondly, countries in Central and South America are also very popular with baseball. Europeans have long enjoyed baseball because baseball is still not common.

Since baseball is often influenced by the sun during daytime competitions, the stadium must be considered when planning a baseball field. Because pitchers and catchers are the souls of the game, catchers and pitchers are better facing towards the south in the direction of Chinese and foreigners. Because Taiwan is located in the northern hemisphere in the Tropic of Cancer, the winter sunshine tends to be more obvious, especially from 13:00 to 3:00 p.m. from west to south, reaching about 40°. In the case of South, and turning counterclockwise from 10° to 15°, it is not disturbed by sunlight all year round. At present, there are some courses that are facing inwards towards the north. In the afternoon, almost all defensive players are backlit. There is a great deal of disruption to the defense.

图1 棒球场内野布置图—1

Figure 1 Field layout of a baseball stadium - 1

Second, the international standard baseball venue specification:

Site standards

1. Infield area:

Nakano is a diamond-shaped (square) home plate to the second base (39.21m) with a length of 27.43m.

2. Outfield:

2.1. Refers to the area enclosed by the extension of the first and third base lines

2.2. From the home base to the left and right fields, the far wall should be 99.06m or more, and the middle should be 121.92m or more, and the wall should be set there.

2.3. In the back wall of the outfield area, there should be 8m of red clay area in front of it to alert the area.

3. Outlying areas:

The homeblock to the rear block net should be over 18.29m. The distance from the base line to the nearest stand, fence, or other obstacle facilities in the out-of-bounds area is 3m~5m.

4. Pitcher area:

4.1. At the point 152.4mm before the pitcher zone, the inclination to the home base direction to 1.83m shall be one inch difference in slope every 0.3m.

4.2. The pitcher's diameter is 5.49m, centered at a distance of 17.98m from the home base.

4.3. Pitcher plate is higher than home plate 254mm

4.4. The pitcher board should be set 457mm behind the center of the pitcher's mound

4.5. The distance from the front edge of the pitcher plate to home base is 18.44m

Facility specification

1. Softpack:

1.1. Quartet is 381mm, thickness 76.2mm~101.6mm

1.2. First and third bases should be placed inside the inside field

2. The pitcher board:

2.1. Rectangular rubber plate 610mm long and 152mm wide

2.2. The distance from the center of the front edge of the pitch plate to the home plate is 18.30m

3. Home plate:

The pentagonal rubber plate has an apex having an angle of 90° and 304.8 mm on each side as the starting point of the first and third base lines. One side of the widest side is 431.8mm, facing the pitcher plate, 215.9mm on each side

4. Seats:

According to all levels of events and venue planning, but at least 10,000 seats

5. Illumination requirements:

5.1. General use:

Atino at least 1100Lux

Outfield at least 800 Lux

5.2. When playing:

Infield at least 1700 Lux

Outfield minimum 1100Lux

5.3. The required illumination for broadcast is 2000Lux

图2 棒球场内野布置图—2

Figure 2 Field layout of the baseball stadium-2

Third, the venue facilities

(a) The infield area needs a very good surface drainage system.

(b) Pitchers and home plate areas must be carefully planned, especially the infrastructure and soil composition.

(3) Home plate areas and running areas should be carefully maintained.

(d) Carefully plan drainage and permeable structures in non-grass areas.

(v) Pre-planning the base of the bag holder.

(f) The fence fence should have a sufficient height.

(7) The reserved position of the scoreboard does not have to be in the Chinese and foreign fields. It can be set in the left or right side of the wild field.

(8) Space configuration:

1. Infield area:

Natural and synthetic turf can be used, the surface can not be uneven or damaged, and requires a good drainage system. Sprinkler systems are very important, especially when routine deep watering is required during the drying period. Drainage in non-turf areas is also important to avoid the accumulation of water after long periods of heavy rain or soil agglomeration caused by long-term use.

2. Pitcher Yau:

This is an earth dome with a diameter of 5.49m, and the center of the dome is a plane with a width of 1.53m and a depth of 0.86m. The pitcher dome is provided with a rectangular rubber plate. A second rubber plate is also provided in the pitcher's hill area to protect the integrity of the entire area after the pitcher spikes or kicks the soil before the pitcher throws the ball. Pitchers have 40% clay, 20% sediment, and 40% coarse sand. And clay is not wet and sticky when the floor is wet, so it can be covered with tarpaulins or mats.

3. Home base area:

Because this area is used quite frequently, it requires special care and maintenance. The homeland area has the same composition as the pitcher area. However, when the home soil hardening or clay composition gradually decreases, it is necessary to add different soil qualities for maintenance. The soil in the home plate and in the area of ​​the parasite needs to use mud that meets the regulations and protects the damage that may be caused when sliding. The home plate must also be well maintained and the edges or surfaces must be maintained properly. Anti-slip mats are required to prevent tearing and friction during practice.

4. Run the line:

In general, the path between the pack and the pack is composed of soil components to prevent trample damage, harden, or produce pits. And to avoid running into a serious damage to the area and result in incompetent situations.

5. Changing equipment:

There should be at least two teams' changing lounges, each with 22 players (including reserve players), plus six coaching lockers. If space allows, it's best to have another head coach lounge.

6. In the international standard stadium, there are bullpen and strike areas (30m×10m×6m).

7. Media photographers should have special lanes with special lanes.

8. The player's lounge area is adjacent to the dressing room, toilet and seating area.

9. The technical committee's regional design is based on the home base (5 people to 6 people).

10. Line Marker: The purpose of the Line Marker is to help the referee to determine whether the outfield fly outside the home run wall is a goal for an outbound goal or a home run. Usually the boundary line mark is the vertical extension of the line outside, but the boundary line mark is within the boundary zone. The appearance of this new rule has changed (from no change) this way of judging, as long as it is the target of hitting the boundary line or flying out of the court, the outfield flying ball within the marked line can be considered home run.

The boundary mark is usually far higher than the outfield wall and has a narrow box for the referee to make a decision. As for the color part mainly orange, the most important thing is to be able to make a difference with the background color in order to make a judgment.

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