Be wary of the "free" behind-the-scenes truth of the beauty salon

Ms. Huang is a teacher. When she was shopping in Chonghemen Square, she accidentally saw the cosmetics store “Love Password”. This special store name aroused her interest. After entering the store for a while, I learned that the store had a service such as free skin detection, and she accepted the service.

Ms. Huang told the reporter that in the store, the beautician introduced that using the digital E-light machine, the light can be applied to the skin to achieve the effect of whitening and rejuvenating. After Miss Huang’s right face was tested, she was told that she was a very lucky customer with an absorbance of 90%.

“Before the test, they also explained the charging standard. Originally, I just wanted to test the skin for free, but when I was not prepared to spend money on E-cosmetic, their attitude immediately changed.” Yesterday, Miss Huang told reporters.

A store was complained 6 times in less than a year

Yesterday, the reporter interviewed Sun Bangsen, director of the Consumer Protection Bureau of Linhai City Administration for Industry and Commerce. Director Sun said that the "Love Password" store has been complained six times by consumers since June last year. Most of the complaints are unclear charges and mandatory consumption. He also said that "Love Password" is a cosmetics retail store that opened on March 28 last year. Due to the unlicensed operation and sale of trademark infringement of "Tongrentang" shampoo products, it was adopted by Linhai Towel Industrial and Commercial Corporation on September 16 last year. The fine was 12,000 yuan and there is still a fine of 2,000 yuan.

“A store has been complained 6 times by consumers in less than a year, which is considered to be a high frequency.” Peng, the director of the Linshan Industrial and Commercial Office in Linhai City, said.

Beauty salons often use free bait to attract customers to the store.

According to Director Peng, there are as many as forty or fifty beauty salons in Linhai City, and five beauty salons in the area of ​​Chonghemen Square, and there are frequent consumer disputes. He told reporters that the beauty salons in the area around Chonghemen Square are mainly aimed at young people in their 20s and 30s, with a large flow of people and easy access to businesses.

A shopping guide from the Longquan Beauty Salon in the square told reporters that they have a 20% commission for this job. Some employees have a monthly salary of 50,000 or 60,000 yuan, and the average monthly salary of employees is two or three thousand.

“Consumers’ complaints about the five beauty salons in the area around Chonghemen Square have been accepted by the Tozan Industrial and Commercial Office. Most of these beauty salons rely on some young men to distribute 'beauty cards’ to women in the square to free and send things. In order to attract the customer to the store for the bait, it is not clear the project charging standard, which causes the customer to confuse the charging project and generate consumption. However, the consumer dispute encountered by Miss Huang, although the merchant clearly informs the consumption standard, the merchant has deceptive consumption. Suspicion." Director Peng said, "But because consumers do not usually have live recordings when they consume, it is difficult to obtain evidence when the industrial and commercial departments conduct law enforcement on the spot."

The industrial and commercial department will carry out rectification

The reporter learned that the Nina Beauty Women's Physical Therapy Museum, which is diagonally opposite to the "Love Password", was unable to submit relevant documents and did not meet the requirements for business license approval. It has been operating in an unlicensed state for more than half a year from September last year. . "In January this year, the industry and commerce had imposed an administrative penalty of 10,000 yuan on 'Nina Beauty' and ordered a rectification within a month, but so far, the store is still unable to submit relevant documents or certificates to the industry and commerce." Peng said, " After the industrial and commercial administration imposes administrative penalties on the merchants, the merchants have a three-month litigation period. Within six months after the litigation period, the business has not been rectified, and the industrial and commercial departments can apply to the court for compulsory closure of the store.” Peng said that For the problems in the beauty salons in the area of ​​Chonghemen, the industrial and commercial departments will carry out rectification and strikes.

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