Beware of the dangers of toy black cotton

[Chinese and foreign toy network October 9th] The word "black heart cotton" is believed to have been heard by many people, but what is black cotton is probably not known to many people. The so-called black heart cotton refers to the general name for cotton that does not conform to national standards, including cotton quilts, cotton quilts, cotton quilts and other cotton quilts. In order to make huge profits, some unscrupulous merchants used textile mill waste materials, used medical cotton, industrial waste cotton, etc. to fill the cotton wool products, refurbished the dirty old cotton wool sleeves, and processed the bleached gauze to make the cotton wool products. The so-called black heart not only refers to the color of cotton but also describes the conscience of the business.

But with the improvement of people's living standards, the development of major industries, black cotton has not only used in domestic supplies in, like cotton filling plush toys and other toys, has gradually become a new target black heart cotton filling.

What is the danger of black cotton? Black cotton is made up of short cotton and industrial waste. Short cotton bats are small in size and light in weight, and fabrics that easily penetrate cotton fabrics float in the air, causing respiratory diseases such as asthma in humans; residual chemical drugs in industrial waste, and bacteria of these inferior cotton fabrics, etc. Skin, light erythema, itching, severe skin disease, psoriasis and even poisoning reactions.

Many people think that as long as the color of the cotton is not black, the hygiene is qualified, or the corporate promotion is safe, it is not black cotton. These are all wrong ideas. Many black-hearted cotton merchants make black heart cotton into white in order to deceive consumers. The true discrimination of black heart cotton needs to be determined in several ways:

1, eye view. Black heart cotton generally does not look so smooth, some rough, and high quality cotton color white

2, feel. Authentic cotton feels soft and elastic, black cotton has impurities, rough feel

3, tearing. High-quality cotton tears have strength, black heart cotton tears off

4, taste. If there is too much dust, the elasticity is poor, and the smell is generally black cotton.

5, color. If the color of the cotton wool is mixed, or even a rag yarn, etc., it is a poor quality product.

6, burning. Black cotton has a pungent odor and high quality cotton does not.

Chinese and foreign toys Xiaobian suggested that black heart cotton is a poor quality cotton wool produced and sold by unscrupulous merchants. Its cost is extremely low, basically it is not a few yuan, and it will be harmful to the human body. It is hoped that consumers will buy cotton wool products, like When quilts, cotton pads, cotton quilts and children's plush toys, try to open the outer cloth cover and check. Don't trust the business, seeing is believing, and self-testing is the truth.

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