Bottle collections test your personal connections

In front of a hotel or at a scrap collection station, if you see someone looking for something in a lot of scrap, be sure to not think of him as broken, because this is probably a wine bottle collector. Looking for your favorite baby. The 59-year-old Chen Baocang is such an interesting wine bottle collector.

N methods to pick up wine bottles

In order to collect wine bottles, Chen Baocang thought many ways. One of the important ones was to launch relatives and friends. "I'm collecting wine bottles. When you drink later, you have interesting things that you must keep for me." As time goes by, everyone's ears are almost worn out, but at the same time, they really remember this old hobby. .

At one time, several old comrades wanted to eat together and called Chen Baocang. When Chen Chen had something to do, he planned to come. As soon as everyone came together, he came up with a solution and called him again. Someone brought him two good-looking wine bottles and waited for him to come. Hearing this news, Chen Baocang came to the spirit and pushed away the matter at hand, and immediately arrived at the hotel. The result was naturally not a bottle, but it was also well-deserved by the old war.

There were many drinks in the hotel and the bottles were naturally more. Because of this, the hotel was “stared” by Chen Baocang. When it was all right, Chen Baocang often went to some big hotels to find a waiter to pull the relationship, asking people to have good-looking wine bottles don't throw them, and to help them. The waste collection station is another important part of Chen Baocang’s discovery of wine bottles. Since the collection of wine bottles began, some waste collection stations dedicated to picking up wine bottles have become frequent destinations for Chen Baocang. Most of these acquisitions are on the edge of the Second Ring Road. In order to get these places to the end, Chen Baocang bought a map, circled the location of these acquisition stations, and then searched for bicycles one by one. Chen Baocang often starts from home at 5 o'clock in the morning, rides bicycles to the waste collection station, and it is already noon when he comes back. Every time I go, as long as I don't let go, Chen Baocang is always very happy to come back.

Speaking of the benefits of the bottle collection, Chen Baocang felt deeply touched. In addition to making more friends and enriching his life, Lao Chen felt that there was a particularly big advantage in finding bottles for exercise.

Home wine bottle more than 1000

Chen Baocang, who lives in Chun'an Road Oil Company dormitory, is a collector. From the collection of stamps in the 1970s, he has collected ancient coins and commemorative coins and tickets for tourist attractions in more than 30 years. He paid the most and brought him the most happiness. He collected wine bottles.

Chen Baocang collection bottle began in 2000, because the good-looking wine bottles are generally porcelain, so Chen Baocang collection of wine bottles are also mainly in porcelain. In 8 years, Chen Baocang collected a total of more than 1,000 wine bottles. The bottles were produced in various parts of the country. Their styles were distinctive, filled with small houses in his home, and they also occupied the corner of the bedroom.

The reporter saw in Chen Baocang’s home that his collection of wine bottles had a vase shape and had a Maitreya Buddha look. The most people couldn’t bear to conquer was a group of Journey to the West. The Tang Shi’s master and apprentice four plus Bai Longma was a perfect example. Tell you, I'm afraid it's hard to think that such a fun thing would be a bottle. Chen Baocang washed and disinfected the bottles, and then placed them on the basis of different conditions such as the place of production, wine name, color, quantity, and style. Photographs were taken before being placed and kept on the computer.

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