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Sunlight shot from the gap between the leaves and burned into mottled spots on the ground. Looking up, full of green, my hands can not touch the transparent blue, touched the cool bamboo. The breeze blew the surface, and the bamboo forest was snoring, as if it was telling a certain thought and ending. Strolling in the bamboo forest, accepting the kiss of the bamboo forest wind, this feeling is really cozy! Unfortunately, this is just a dream, wake up, there is still a hot wind coming in through the bay window, bursting into the heart of knowing the branches The tweet is endless. How to bring the cool feeling of dreams to the real home? In this issue, Xiaobian introduces you to several bamboo furniture, so that the bamboo wind winds in your home.

our rescue golf carts with 2 seats that enquip the bed for the patient or the injured personos, it is very practial for the emergency situation,come with 4 kw DC or 5KW ac motor,its max speed is around 30km/h and max climbing ability up to 35 degree when full peoples loaded, the bed is easily to take out and fix on and carts ready to go everytime, come with high capacity deep cycle storage battery sets, its max range up to 90kms per charge that enough for rutine day time use, its width is 1.2m that is capable for most of the road situation and inside area, our rescue golf carts are widely used for many hospitals all over the world and enjoying the postive feedbacks, our cop&Patrol Golf Cart come with the top LED flash lights that mainly for patrol and police officer,we have 2 4 and 6 seat for your choice,the extra feature recommended would be the rain cover,sunshade,,etc, our cop golf carts can made with your own lable or logos,its max range is around 90kms per charge,we can make the range up to 120kms by using a bigger capacity battery should you need this.

Rescue&Patrol Golf Carts

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