Buy water purifiers for household use Raiders for healthy drinking water from the source

With people's attention to healthy life, more and more people will pay attention to drinking water safety, and many families have begun to buy water purifiers. So how to buy a household water purifier? What are the precautions for buying a water purifier? Let's understand with the editor.

1. Choose a water purifier according to the water treatment method

1. It depends on whether it is chemical water production or physical water production. The so-called electrolyzed water machines are all chemical water production, so instead of using water purifiers that make water through chemical reaction processes, choose physical water production machines.

2. See if it is coarse filtration or sodium filtration. Coarse filtration and ultrafiltration cannot be cleaned. Sodium filtration can be used to distinguish whether it is a sodium filtration. See if the machine has a high-pressure pump, because the pore size of the sodium filtration is only 0.0001 microns, and the water pressure It is impossible to let water pass through, and it must be passed through a high-pressure pump. Therefore, electricity must be used.

3. See if it is pure water or live clean water, that is, whether it has energy activation filter after RO filter.

4. TDS value, 0-5 pure water, 5-50 activated mineral water, 50-120 secondary drinking water, 120-180 pipe network polluted water, more than 180 industrial polluted water.

5. Rational consumption: When purchasing a water purifier, consumers should rationally face the different claims issued by different water purifier manufacturers. The water purifier is not a disposable household appliance, which is related to the consumer's own health. Whether the water purifier brand has been inspected by the National Quality Supervision Bureau, whether it meets the national drinking water standard, and whether it complies with China's water purifier industry standard. Under this premise, it is also necessary to consider whether the service of this brand of water purifier is perfect in the future, to avoid the failure to contact the manufacturer (or difficulty in contact) after installation to delay the normal maintenance time of the water purifier. At the same time, the durability of the water purifier must also be considered. The service life of general brand water purifiers is 15-20 years.

Second, choose a water purifier based on water quality

1. The water hardness is different in different areas. The high hardness water quality in northern China and the limestone area in the south have high calcium and magnesium ion content in the water and are easy to scale. You should choose an advanced filter water purifier with ion exchange resin filter.

2. For city tap water with heavy chlorine and different colors and odors in the water, and containing more organic matter, you can purchase a household water purifier with a large amount of activated carbon. Because activated carbon has a strong adsorption effect on residual chlorine and different colors and odors in water, it has a significant removal effect on organic matter.

3. For the purification of tap water with turbid water quality in urban and rural areas, a household water purifier with dual functions of coarse filtration and fine filtration should be selected. For serious water pollution, if you want to completely filter out any impurities in the water and drink without heating, you should choose a reverse osmosis pure water machine.

3. Is there any approval document for product sanitation?

Users must recognize the importance of product quality when purchasing water purifiers. Manufacturers that produce water purifiers must obtain a sanitation license from a higher-level sanitary supervision department, which has been appraised by the technical supervision department and meets the National Standards for Drinking Water Quality.

Fourth, it is important to choose the right filter

The first generation water purifier is mainly filtered through activated carbon, ceramics, etc., which is easy to breed bacteria, pollute the water source, and cannot achieve the effect of clean water source; the second generation water purifier uses various artificial polymer membrane filtration, which is harmful to the removal of water The effect is significant, but its fatal flaw is to filter out trace elements that are beneficial to the body. The third-generation water purifier uses nano-crystal filter technology, which solves the defects of the second-generation water purifier and filters out harmful substances and heavy metals in the water. Therefore, when you choose a water purifier, you must ask clearly about the filtration technology and filter material used to see if it meets your own needs.

5. Whether it has safe and effective sterilization technology

At present, water purification equipment is sterilized in two ways. One is to add a disinfectant, which can kill some of the bacteria, but the disinfectant contains trace amounts of chemical ingredients that are harmful to human health; the second is ultraviolet sterilization, which is the most effective internationally recognized technology One of the sterilization technologies, because ultraviolet sterilization is safe and efficient, it can quickly kill almost all bacteria; and ultraviolet sterilization uses physical principles to sterilize, without any chemical agents, and will not have side effects on the human body.

6. Is there a perfect after-sales service system

Many consumers cannot find the service phone or the address of the service company after purchasing certain brands. This situation makes consumers very helpless and causes a waste of resources. Many water purifiers have become furnishings; After-sales mainly focus on the replacement of the filter element. If the filter element is not replaced for a long time, it will pollute the water source and the water purifier will also become a "sewage device". When choosing a water purifier, you must choose a perfect after-sales service, such as using a customer service system to track customer information and prompting customers and companies to replace the filter.

Seven, choose the high cost performance

1. The structure of water purifier is different, and the effect of water purification is also different. Generally speaking, the primary filter water purifier has a simple structure, mainly activated carbon, and its filtering capacity is limited. It can only be used as a rough filter. Most of the first-level filter water purifiers belong to low-grade water purification products, each of which is priced between ten yuan and 150 yuan.

2. Multi-stage filter water purifier. This type of water purifier has two stages of coarse filtration and a group of fine filtration. Most of the fine filtration uses hollow fiber filter elements, and the filtered water can be directly consumed. Multi-stage filter water purifiers are mid-range water purification products. The price of each unit is between 300 yuan and 500 yuan, which can be accepted by the working class and is currently used by families.

3. The ultrafiltration nanofiltration membrane water purifier is composed of multi-stage pre-filtration and ultrafiltration membrane, which can trap most of the bacteria and harmful substances. It is currently the world's most ideal direct drinking water purification device for separation and filtration. At the same time, retain the trace elements of minerals that are beneficial to the human body, and then use the advantages of KDF and activated carbon to effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi in the water and remove odors and odors, ensuring that the filtered water can be used more safely and healthily. Moreover, the water production volume is relatively large, and the waste water discharge volume is small, so that it is faster and more convenient to use in the family kitchen, without waiting for a longer time. It belongs to popular consumer products, and each unit sells for 1,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan according to different requirements.

4. Reverse osmosis pure water machine is the most ideal water purification product for treating rural water and groundwater. It has three-stage pre-filtration, one-stage reverse osmosis membrane precision filtration and one-stage post-filtration. The filtered water is free of bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticides, organic matter, minerals and odors, and is pure water that can be consumed without heating. This type of reverse osmosis pure water machine is a high-end water purification product, each priced between 3,000 yuan and 5,000 yuan.

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