Buying wooden doors also has to look at the "doorway"

Along with the rise of the national economy and the rise of people's consumption levels, the doors commonly used in home decoration are generally divided into three categories: composite doors, solid wood doors and wood-plastic doors.

1, composite door

The composite door is composed of two parts, a "base material layer" and a "finish layer".

The internal substrate is a fir board or a multi-layer plywood, and a layer of MDF is attached. Since the substrate is a multi-layer board made of fir or fir, when the merchant introduces the composite door, it will be very nice to say, "This is a composite solid wood. door".

Composite doors are also divided into many categories. The classification is based on the material types and processes of the “finish layer” attached to the outside of the substrate layer. It is mainly divided into: ordinary plastic soft skin, melamine film, polymer board, The steel plate, the sticker leather is painted, and the solid wood skin is painted and open paint.

1 attached to ordinary plastic soft leather

Lowest cost

Defect: Since the plastic soft skin can be stretched and attached to the density board of the matte surface, the granular bumps can be seen from the surface, and the grade is low. The method of making the door and the "door suction" of the kitchen cabinet door The plastic door panel is consistent.

2 stick polymer board

Known as the “polymer door”, the wood grain effect simulation effect is not strong, and it is a moderately low grade.

3 steel plate

Known as the "steel wood door", the market price is basically the same as that of the polymer door.

4 melamine film

This kind of door is called "enhanced door", which is similar to the material used in the whole wardrobe. The water does not peel off and belongs to the mid-range door. When purchasing, pay attention to check whether the side edge strip of the door panel is thick and smooth (consistent with the method of identifying the quality of the whole wardrobe sheet). If the edge strip is thin and has a lift, it is produced by the small factory.

5 stickers made of lacquered and solid wood skin for baking varnish and open lacquer, are called "composite solid wood painted door."

The composite doors mentioned above are not painted, and the cost is definitely lower than that of the painted door. The composite door of the paint should be divided into two types: “sticker skin” and “stick veneer”. It is difficult to identify without putting it together for comparison. It is necessary to cut and tear a small piece of inspection to find the difference. In terms of factory cost, the paint door of the sticker leather is nearly half cheaper than the veneer. The real veneer is mainly a composite paint door with an open paint effect. The open paint is generally dominated by ash wood veneer, which is relatively strong. The wood grain has a bumpy feel, and the sticker skin can't do this.

2, solid wood door

Not all solid wood doors are expensive, and they are divided into "finger joints" and "logs".

The price of the solid wood door of the "finger plate" and the composite solid wood paint door with solid wood skin are not much different.

The original wooden door is well understood and recognized, and there is no trace of the small wooden board, but the price is relatively high.

3, wood plastic door

In recent years, the wood-plastic door has also gained some market share due to its special waterproof performance. Its factory cost is roughly equivalent to the “composite paint door of sticker leather”, and the substrate is made of wood powder and resin.

Seeing here, do you have a general concept? In the end, how should this door be seen, these doorways, in fact, really need to know!

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