Can the improvement of furniture brand culture be influenced by market consumption?

The lack of culture, brand dispersion, and lack of core competitiveness have made the furniture industry always criticized. Lang Xianping even pointed to "overcapacity" at the annual meeting of China Furniture Development. Faced with the increasing demand for brand culture of consumers, facing the constraints of production capacity and raw materials. Does the company recognize the brand influence of the consumer market, and can cultural demand influence the promotion of corporate brands? What is the future direction of the company?

How do you respond to consumer brand culture?

Some of the shares of the Eastern Fortune Mobile phone stock trading software will regret the sudden surge. It is very likely that the stock market will be unsuccessful. The stock is saved! Remember Song Dandan's Spring Festival Evening essay "Work of the hour"? "The shoes are Adidas, the pants are Clinton, and the belt is Yeltsin." Although there is a sense of ridicule, it tells the consumer's strong pursuit of the brand. The furniture industry is also true. According to the statistics of sociologists, most members of society spend more than two-thirds of their time in contact with furniture. After the Chinese people walked through the era of holding uniform food stamps and cloth tickets to buy goods, the Eastern and Western cultures began to collide, consumers' aesthetic concepts were constantly enriched, and the furniture with long-term contact also had higher requirements. The emergence of words such as “Reliable Enterprise”, “Star Product” and “Environmental Brand” all indicate a problem: consumers’ attention to brand culture has deeply fascinated furniture companies.

At the same time, investigates the needs of consumer brand culture. People over six floors believe that the culture of furniture brands is very important. The factors that directly affect the brand culture are product design, brand awareness, service and maintenance, brand activities, and store image. To sum up, consumers hope that furniture products can bring a comfortable sense of satisfaction. When they consume products and enjoy services, they can produce a sense of psychological and emotional belonging. At the same time, they need to be healthy and environmentally friendly, and reduce the harm to the human body. This is the voice of consumers who want to give feedback to the furniture company, and how will the company respond?

Does the brand cater to market consumers?

In the past 30 years of reform and opening up, Chinese furniture has risen rapidly. Many furniture brands have emerged in the 1980s and become representative industries. At present, China has become the world's largest furniture manufacturing and export base. The market demand continues to expand. There are more than 50,000 furniture companies in China, and it is conservatively estimated that 10,000 companies already own brands. In order to cater to the ever-increasing home culture pursuit of consumers, the brand-owned enterprises began to transform from brand image, original design, service, popularity and so on, and expanded the brand culture effect. This list is too numerous to mention, Li Hongwei, the director of Huandong District's operations, mentioned in the forum of "The Wood Culture of the Home Culture Forum" that upgrading pre-sales and after-sales service is not only enhancing brand culture; "Red Apple" furniture was recently in the national industry and commerce. The trademark management case of the General Administration of Trademarks was identified as “China Well-known Trademark”; Ms. Madge Megliola, a contract designer of Meikemeijia, is a consultant and guest speaker of the High Point Design Center and has 25 years of experience in the interior design industry. On the road of brand culture promotion, the companies do their best and show their strengths. Among them, there is also a hand-held star big hit culture card, Fan Bingbing endorsement Si Kexin, Shu Qi endorsement Sophia wardrobe, Fei Xiang endorsement pearl, etc. is just a case of furniture brand. Companies that do not yet have brand awareness are also trying to gain market and consumer recognition through some of the above methods.

Can consumer demand improve the brand culture of furniture companies?

The relationship between supply and demand under the market economy system is always interrelated and mutually restrictive. When consumers are eager to purchase cheap and at the same time have a good product, the space that enterprises need to improve in the word "material beauty" is indeed wide. Once the brand culture is formed, it will have a huge impact on the brand's management and action. It is conducive to the optimal combination of various resources of the enterprise, improve the management efficiency of the brand, enhance the competitiveness of the brand, and make the brand full of vitality and vitality.

The person in charge of the furniture enterprise can also be a consumer. In the forum of the "Wood Culture of the Home Culture Forum", the person in charge of the furniture enterprise also reveals a profound cultural complex. In the transition from product competition to brand competition, cultural implants are crucial to the future development of the furniture industry. The Jinbei Silver Cup is ultimately determined by the reputation of the people. How to improve the brand culture is the key to the company's own superiority.

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