Chaosheng Super Large-format CTP Equipment

The new X-SPEED imaging function is an optional item for the Magnus VLF CTP device. Its new-generation thermal imaging head 3 has 100 watts of laser energy, and the imaging speed is up to the super-large super large-format CTP V speed. Times. The Chaosheng Super Large Format CTP device can image 27 sheets of 80-inch plates per hour. After the introduction of this machine in 2005, X-SPEED will definitely become the fastest imaging engine in super-large format and 8-page plate making technology. The thermal imaging head 3 is a new generation of thermal imaging head technology that uses Kodak's unique SQUARESPOT imaging head technology, optical resolution up to 10,000 dpi, and clear, high-line or FM screening Sharp, stable image quality.

The new thermal imaging head 3 greatly expands the imaging range due to the enhanced stability and process control capabilities. Multi-diode imaging systems provide backup for critical systems and greatly increase imaging reliability. Kodak's thermal imaging heads have a leading position in the industry and can maintain a high level of production capacity when processing unprocessed plates.

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