Choose from a variety of styles and four different styles of wardrobes.

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Wardrobe is the habitat of clothes, but also a derivative of clothing. Clothes are a symbol of the high development of human civilization. Of course, the placement of clothes cannot be casual. A good wardrobe can become the keynote of a bedroom or even a whole family. The most common wardrobe is square, then how to choose the right wardrobe? Let Xiaobian recommend several hot and cheap wardrobes for you, all kinds of styles!

Recommended one: American country solid wood wardrobe

Wardrobe shopping guide

Brand: Kay Lilian Price: 3257 yuan

Recommended reason: perfect to show the natural color, combined with good storage function, maximize the reasonable use of space, both easy to care and suitable for daily use; American country style wardrobe is simple and bright, with classical beauty and modern comfort. Therefore, the status of evergreen trees in the long river of furniture is long. Imported cherry wood veneer is used, and the typical American painting process is used to show the delicate texture of cherry veneer. The cherry wood color is warm and restrained, and the shape design is traditional and elegant. The multi-drawer design maximizes the storage space and facilitates the sorting and storage of all types of clothing.

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