Choose the hottest essence that suits you.

In this issue, Xiaobian brought three of the most popular essences to evaluate, namely, the small brown bottle + the small black bottle + the small high bottle. The scoring standard: the moisture content of the skin before use and the moisture content of the skin after use; After half an hour of moisturizing, the face feels without applying any product; the instant feeling of the skin after refreshing. Look at the final one that really suits you!

Reviews of products (from left to right):

Choose the hottest essence that suits you.

Lancome Essence Foundation (RMB780/30ml)

Estee Lauder Instant Repair Special Serum (RMB650/30ml)

Paris L'Oreal Youth Password Revitalizing Essence Foundation (RMB280/30ml)

Edit the overall feeling big analysis:

Price ratio

The same as 30ml of emulsion-like essence, Paris L'Oreal live essence essence of the bottom of the liquid with 280 yuan ranked first. Lancome essence is the most expensive of the three.

Choose the right product based on skin age

Do you like the essence of the refreshing texture of water, or does it have an absolute moisturizing effect against aging essence? You need to choose the right product according to your skin condition. The essence of the essence and the thickness of the texture are not directly related.

Estee Lauder Instant Repair Essence Essence is more suitable for students with a certain age of dry or neutral skin, it is very moisturizing. L'Oreal Paris Youth Password Essence Foundation is more suitable for young skin. If you are oily muscle MM, then you should definitely choose this, absolutely dry, will not burden the skin. Lancome Essence is a relatively neutral product with a pleasant aroma and a good moisturizing effect on the skin.

Lancome Essence Foundation (RMB780/30ml)

Humidity ★★★★

Before use: 30.1% after use: 76.2%

Moisture degree ★★★★★

Refreshing degree ★★★★

Suitable for the crowd



Fully transparent and thin liquid texture

Choose the hottest essence that suits you.

Main ingredient

Desmoglein 1 and CLSP are two important "repair" proteins that measure the youthful state of the skin, as well as two core active substances, Bio-Lysat Phytosphingosine.


Soft aroma

experience feelings

The absorption is quite rapid, and the skin feels soft and full after use. The skin feels smoother and smoother, the skin becomes pure and even, and the skin is firm and elastic. The most surprising thing is that as long as the skin begins with “gene maintenance”, the base of the skin will become better and better, and the follow-up skin care products will be more effective.

Beauty Daren "I can't copy" says:

The skin moisture test value before the black bottle is not used is really low. My skin is getting dry. Now I squeeze a small black, and the texture of the egg-like handle is erected to see the blackness of the liquid. A little resistance, indicating that the texture is very thick, but it is not sticky and gently pushed, the ductility is very good, a little touch of fragrance is absorbed by the skin, and the skin becomes smooth and tender. Visible and translucent, feel soft and delicate, feel your young and change your genes, and contain your own young password. From the beginning of “Essence Muscles”, each drop contains a number of patents for excellence and beauty, from the source. The new function of the skin. Young protein is significantly increased, and the skin is getting better and better. Please use after the toner, before the essence and cream.

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