Cleaning method for chromatograph commonly used detector

Common detectors for chromatographs are thermal conductivity detectors and hydrogen flame detectors. Although the two detectors of the chromatograph are more common, there are still many people who are not very familiar with the cleaning methods of the two detectors. In the process of normal use, the detector plays an important role, so we must master the cleaning methods of these two common detectors. Next, we will introduce you to the relevant cleaning methods in detail.

The first type: cleaning of the thermal conductivity detector.

First, you can remove the column from the thermal conductivity detector that is cooled to room temperature and place the septum on the connector assembly at the detector inlet. Tighten the connector assembly to the detector and tighten it with a makeup airflow. Secondly, the operator needs to inject the solvent into the detector. After the injection is completed, the temperature of the thermal conductivity cell needs to be continuously heated. The operator should pay attention to the fact that the temperature of the thermal conductivity cell is preferably heated to 20 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius higher than the usual temperature; finally, when the temperature of the detector drops to the normal temperature, it can be installed.

Second: cleaning of the hydrogen flame ionization detector.

This type of detector cleaning needs to be viewed in two ways: first, if the detector is not too dirty, the detector can be removed without cleaning. First remove the column, then connect the detector to a tube and heat the detector to 120 degrees Celsius upwards. Finally, input about 20 μL of distilled water from the tube to the inlet, then rinse with water. Just fine. When the contamination is severe, the operator needs to remove the detector for cleaning.

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