Color blind architect creates a super stunning rainbow color house

I can't distinguish the color, but it is hot and sensitive than anyone else, and my eyes are clear. Color blind architect Carlos Weeber hugs and kisses the color in a super-sensory way, full of bright red orange red and green like a rainbow, conveying his love for life.
Curacao is full of colorful houses, a small island on the Caribbean Sea, famous for its crayon-like Dutch colonial architecture. However, when the architect Carlos Weeber's house was completed, all the local color cabins seemed to be eclipsed.

The concrete building lying on the hillside is sprinkled with tender green, light yellow, bright red, dark blue, and the color of life makes the house look playful and human. You can even find local tropical plants in it. color. For this reason, although it has a bright contrasting color, it blends harmoniously into the surrounding scenery, and it is not unobtrusive.

Carlos never thought that when he worked in the Netherlands, the bold use of his work made him famous. "When you stay here for a while, you won't pay attention to these colors anymore. It's like going out on a sunny day, you see the blue sky and the green lawn...

There is no air conditioning, because there is no need, there is no closed glass window, instead of huge louver windows and doors, through each gap, the outdoor cool wind can be put into the room, which is also the biggest feature of the house - an all-weather shelter The shade of the land.

Now, the island's inhabitants have fallen in love with the Carlos house. "Unsurprisingly, it has received a lot of attention." Carlos said, "Now it has almost become the landmark building here, and people have begun to like it. ”

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