Compact fishnet fabric packaging

The package can be used for the packaging of eggs, bacon and other products, which can give customers a natural and harmonious beauty. It is made of polyester material tightly organized into a fishnet, waterproof and dustproof characteristics, and not leg color. The package's grid has a variety of shapes to choose from, such as honeycomb shape, diamond shape. And there are black, peach red, gold and yellow brown four color varieties.

Reprinted from: Guangdong Packaging Magazine

Electric 2-stage Lifting Column the speed is 20mm/S,more cheaper more than 2-Stage Lifting Column .Can be used on many desk ,like Single Motor Standing Desk, One Leg Standing Desk , Two Legs Standing Desk ,Three Legs Standing Desk, Four Legs Standing Desk . TV Lift / Cart .

Standing Desk

Nowadays, in the world market, if you want to be the winner, you must be very clear about what customers need, what the market need. Otherwise, you can not survive ! So, CONTUO paid much more attention on communicating with their customers to know the latest situation of the market. So, CONTUO Electric Height Adjustable Desk Series can take good market share in the world market. It covers full range of   Height Adjustable Desk , Like Electric Height Adjustable Desk , Hand Crank Desk , Standing Desk Converter, Lifting Column , and Tv Lift / Cart. So, please enjoy the business with CONTUO !

2-stage Lifting Column

2-Stage Lifting Column,2 Segments Lifting Column,Mobile Lifting Column,Desk Lifting Column

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