Constant temperature water tank oil tank comes with high precision constant temperature source for refrigeration and heating

Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. has developed the LNB brand constant temperature water tank oil tank, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, leading the country. Professional manufacturing is more secure and affordable. The high-precision low-temperature constant-temperature bath, also called high-precision low-temperature constant-temperature bath, is a high-precision constant-temperature source with refrigeration and heating, and has the function of a small chiller. Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, medicine, biochemistry, physical properties, testing and chemical analysis and other research departments, universities, factory laboratories and measurement and quality inspection departments. Depending on the size of the opening of the tank, a constant temperature experiment can be carried out in the bath, or it can be connected to other equipment through a hose and used in conjunction with a constant temperature source.
External circulation: through the circulation capacity of the pump, the insulated hose is connected to the external equipment by the water outlet to form a closed loop, which flows back to the equipment inlet, which leads the constant temperature medium in the tank to establish an external constant temperature field. Inner circulation: The liquid medium in the tank is circulated through the pump to increase the uniformity of the temperature in the tank and reduce the temperature fluctuation. The application fields of circulating water constant temperature: Biochemical field: rotary evaporator, Abbe refractometer, polarimeter, atomic absorption, ICP-MS, ICP, nuclear magnetic resonance, CCD, biological fermentation tank, chemical reactor (synthesizer), etc Material field: electron microscope, X-ray diffraction, X fluorescence, vacuum sputtering plating, vacuum coating machine, ICP etching, various semiconductor equipment, fatigue testing machine, chemical deposition system, atomic deposition system, etc.
Medical field: superconducting magnetic resonance, linear accelerator, CT, low magnetic field nuclear magnetic resonance, X-ray machine, microwave therapy machine, medical cold cap, cooling blanket, etc. Physical and chemical fields: lasers, magnetic fields, various molecular pumps, diffusion pumps, ion pumps, and including materials. Various water-cooling equipment used. Product features: Energy saving-In summer and high ambient temperature, cooling water can be recycled in the system circuit, saving a lot of water resources. Higher efficiency-one circulating water device can meet the cooling needs of multiple external devices at the same time, and continuously provide low-temperature and constant-temperature water sources, suitable for condensation experiments. Temperature control accuracy-PID temperature control technology, built-in PT100 sensor, high temperature control accuracy, temperature digital display, intuitive operation and high safety-with self-diagnosis function; freezer overload protection and other safety guarantee functions.

Scope of application: Cooling of the heating part of semiconductor manufacturing equipment: single wafer cleaning and reprinting, printing machine, automatic clamp mounting device, spraying device, ion plating device, etching device, single wafer processing device, slicer, packaging machine, developer Temperature management, light exposure device, heating device of magnetic generating part, etc. Cooling of the heat generating part of the laser device: laser processing, heat generating part of the welding machine, laser marking device, generating device, carbon dioxide laser processing machine, etc. Cooling of heating parts of other industrial equipment: plasma welding, automatic packaging machine, mold cooling, washing machine, gold plating tank, precision grinding machine, injection molding machine, molding part of resin molding machine, etc. Analysis and cooling of the heat generating part of the machine: light source of electron microscope, light source part of ICP emission spectrometer, heat generating part of spectrophotometer, heat source of X-ray analysis device, heat generating part of automatic pulse amplitude modulator Wait. The water tank can be cooled with high-quality pure water inside and outside the machine, which can ensure the normal operation of precision instruments with high water quality requirements and extend the service life of precision instruments.
Proportion of low temperature antifreeze liquid A glycol aqueous solution: ethylene glycol / water 55/45 (-30 ℃), 70/30 (-40 ℃) B glycerol aqueous solution: glycerin / water 70/30 (- 30 ℃) The density of low-temperature antifreeze should be checked frequently during use to meet the following requirements: 1. Ethylene glycol aqueous solution: P20 = 1079㎏ / m3 (-30 ° C) (-40 ° C) 2. Glycerin aqueous solution: P20 = 1182.6㎏ / m3 (-30 ℃) When the antifreeze is replaced with water, the minimum temperature must be above 0 ℃. Cooling water type selection: Generally, small-scale circulating water cooling thermostats with cooling capacity below 1000W are widely used in laboratory condensing devices such as low-power lasers, parallel evaporators, parallel quantitative concentrators, parallel reactors, and distillers. Medium-sized circulating water-cooled thermostats with a refrigeration capacity below 6000W are widely used in analytical instruments such as AAS, ICP, ICP-MS, and electron microscopy. Rotary evaporators, Soxhlet extraction, solid-liquid extraction instruments, Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzers and other laboratory equipment , Laser marking machine, laser cutting machine and other laser instruments and machine tool industries. Large-scale circulating water-cooled thermostats with a cooling capacity of more than 10KW are widely used in X-diffractometers, magnetic mass spectrometers, fatigue testing machines, vacuum coating machines, plastic forming equipment, laser cutting machines, X-fluorescence spectrometers, infrared spectrometers, differential thermal analysis Instruments, nuclear magnetic resonance and other equipment with high refrigeration constant temperature requirements.
The company has professional temperature control technicians and advanced production equipment; perfect production technology; guarantee product quality; achieve safe production. The company's main business and production scope include: testing instruments, laboratory equipment, cleaning equipment, environmental protection equipment and undertaking the design and customization of non-standard products and providing related technical services. First-class technology, first-class service. Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument has first-class scientific and technological talents, carefully build high-quality instruments for you, customers are welcome to buy!

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