Create a practical wardrobe to teach you how to choose accessories

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] If the dream-free cloakroom is neglected, it will become a grocery room with nowhere to go. In the real space, if you can choose the right place in the wardrobe , cabinet, cabinet door and accessories, and master some effective finishing techniques and adhere to the application, the stand-alone wardrobe can also be refined and easy to use.

Drawer laminate

The smooth laminate is ideal for storing knitwear and shirts. The distance between the layers should not be too large, otherwise the stacked clothes are too high, and it is easy to mess with other ones when taking one of them. The basket is used to hold a T-shirt, which looks clear and easy to find. The transparent drawer in front can also achieve this effect. The laminates and drawers can be selected to be completely pulled out so that the deepest deposits can be easily accessed. Individual laminates in the closet can be designed to be active, and the position can be adjusted at any time as the number of garments increases or decreases.


The height of the clothes rail should be the height of the hostess plus 20 cm. When installing the clothes rail, it should be noted that the clothes rail must be taken as the standard depth of the wardrobe interior, and the distance from the upper board must be 4-6 cm. This size must be met because the distance is too short. It will be more difficult to put clothes on the shelf later; the distance is too long and it wastes space. Note that the length of each crossbar should not exceed 120 cm, otherwise the pole load will be problematic.

Fine storage

Small things sometimes get mixed up in a mess, and it's hard to find them. Occasionally hidden in the corner of the closet, often inexplicably for a long time can not be found, one day after rummaging the cabinet and suddenly appeared. With these small grids, each thing has its own position, put it back in place, and orderly. The tie and the belt are rolled into a roll, and the silk scarf is folded into small squares and placed in a lattice. In addition, different items are open and more scientific from a health perspective to avoid cross-contamination.

storage box

Using the storage box to store the items, the classification is easier, and the name of the item can be marked on the outside of each box a, and it is not necessary to search without a clue. The lidded box prevents dust from contaminating the clothes, even if there is no cabinet door. The box allows some irregularly shaped items to be placed better, such as some sports equipment. It is also a good way to store items that cannot be pressed, such as hats, in a box.

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