Customized wardrobe customization requires a clear customization process


The overall wardrobe and the finished wardrobe are very different. One of the most obvious features is that the overall wardrobe is not a “buy-and-go” type. It takes a period of time to buy and use. What are the specific customization processes? The process is simple and divided into the following stages: clear requirements----select brands and products------------------------------ Signing a contract----factory order production---home installation----after-sales service.

1. Identify the needs.

First of all, netizens should be clear about the space where the wardrobe is placed, the required deposit function, and the decoration style of the home.

Tips: Can not blindly refer to the model room and decoration renderings, need to combine the actual size of the bedroom and their own needs, as well as the decoration style to consider. Initially clear preferences and intentions.

2. Choose brands and products

At present, there are many brands of custom-made wardrobes on the market, and try to choose products of well-known brands within the range that the price can withstand. In addition, the wardrobe is of various types, mainly divided into a cloakroom and a sliding door wardrobe. The cloakroom has a U-shaped cloakroom, an L-line cloakroom, and a type of cloakroom. The functional area is divided into a hanging area, a lattice rack, a trousers rack, a pull basket, and a stack. When placing products, drawers, etc., when selecting products, consumers should choose the appropriate styles according to the situation of the space, combined with the style of home decoration and the demand for storage.

Tips: Before choosing a specific brand, first check the decoration diary shared by netizens, select 3 to 5 merchants according to your preferences, and then consult the renovated neighbors, colleagues, or other netizens' decoration experience, combined with their own Pick a business word of mouth, narrow the selection to 2 to 3 businesses.

3. On-site measurement size

Once the brand and product styles have been determined, the custom wardrobe business will pick up the door size to determine and produce accurate wardrobe design drawings.

Tips: After the initial style, you usually need to pay a certain deposit. When measuring, try to design with the designer, so that the designed wardrobe will make full use of the position of the home, so that the layout is more suitable for your own use, and the design structure is also the most economical.

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