Deciphering the top five key points of the top 100 furniture quality

"Top 100 furniture, really German", for the consumers in the home industry, this slogan has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In the course of many years of development, the top 100 furniture from the five key points of concept, design, material selection, production and inspection, deeply interpreted the "German quality" and won wide acclaim from consumers.

Chen Xiaotai, Chairman of Baiqiang Furniture

"German quality" originated "German spirit"

When it comes to the top 100 furniture, consumers will think of the classic slogan "Top 100 Furniture, Really German". The top 100 is based on the "German spirit" and is not a simple slogan, but a real German furniture.

“The Germans’ persistence and seriousness, attention to responsibility and quality are world-famous. We learn their skills and learn from their cultural qualities.” The top 100 CEO Chen Xiaotai said that insisting on making German-quality furniture is due to happening. A little story around me, a German-made bicycle has been used for 20 years without any problems, and it is still strong and durable. So at the beginning of its business, it was determined to make furniture with German quality. It is this determination and persistence that makes every piece of top 100 furniture like the one produced in Germany, the quality is impeccable, the details are perfect, and the most practical furniture is brought to consumers.

Innovative design adhering to the "people-oriented"

It is understood that the design of the top 100 in the design of more than 5 million per year, and signed a famous designer in the German design "three Musketeers" Hillbach, its simple but not unassuming but bold and novel design is always close to people's lives Let people enjoy the practical convenience brought by furniture while feeling the German-style furniture.

Innovation is the lifeline of enterprise development and the theme of enterprise development users. From the initial imitation to the independent innovation design, from the domestic demand to the international trend, each piece of furniture has undergone long-term research and careful design before finally reaching the production line. The core is to adhere to the "people-oriented" design. idea. Take the words of the top 100 CEO Chen Xiaotai, the furniture is for people. It is this concept that has made the consumers deeply loved and the top 100 have received rave reviews.

Carefully selected materials to ensure "real material"

Today, solid wood furniture is highly sought after by consumers because of its natural and environmentally friendly characteristics. The classics of the top 100 furniture - Black Forest series, Harry's wooden house series, etc. are all made of pure solid wood. According to reports, the selection of solid wood furniture is very important, the most important part of which is wood health. It takes dozens of steps to turn a tree into usable furniture. It takes 45 days to dry the wood in the first place, then “planing”, then maintaining health for about 3 months, etc., and spending on these processes. It took half a year to complete the furniture manufacturing.

It can be seen in the factory of the top 100 furniture that a large quantity of precious wood has been stored and the wood has been maintained for half a year to ensure the authenticity of the raw materials.

High standard craftsmanship achieves high quality

At the top 100 furniture production bases, you can see a world-class German luxury furniture production line. The top 100 has a strong design team and spends huge sums of money to introduce German equipment. "Don't underestimate these machines, each one worth a Mercedes A6." The top 100 bosses said with a smile.

These imported machines don't look very eye-catching, but their accuracy is amazing. "A piece of plank should be removed by 1 cm. Just set the thickness on this machine and start the program. After the machine is machined, it is only 1 cm thinner than the original. The accuracy is not different." The technician of the strong furniture production base said.

Strict check guarantee zero

It is absolutely impossible to let the flawed products flow out of the factory is the principle that the top 100 furniture has always adhered to. The top 100 production processes are the pursuit of quality lean. From the procurement of raw materials, the processing of various processes to the inspection of products, the top 100 furniture is strictly in accordance with the standards.

It is understood that the employees of the Top 100 Quality Inspection Department will have a unique job to test the products - "a look at the two touches and three smells." At first glance, it is a careful inspection from the inside out. I don’t miss any details. The second touch is to feel the unevenness of each plane of the furniture. Finally, I will smell the furniture if it is 1 meter away. Only if all of them pass the test, the test can pass.

The factory inspection of the top 100 furniture is strictly to a severe degree. CEO Chen Xiaotai believes that we must not wait until the problem arises to solve the problem. We must not use the market as a sharpening stone. To sharpen the knife, we must first grind ourselves and never bring immature and flawed products to the market.

"Being a business is like being a human being. Your character is good, and your popularity is good. The products are the same, the quality is good, everyone will like it." The top 100 CEO Chen Xiaotai explained the products like the character, this sentence also tells the hundred Strong quality.

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