Designer 3D printed beautiful anti-Hulk armored event doll

What happens when you send a 3D printer to a talented 3D designer? If the designer's name is Alex Cambrain, you will definitely see something truly unbelievable.

With the sci-fi blockbuster "The Avengers: The Age of Ultron" released in early May, a lot of superheroes once again attracted the attention of fans. We can see a lot of 3D printed costume items in the film, such as full body armor, robotic arm and so on. Alex Cambrain fell in love with the anti-Hulk “Hulkbuster” heavy armor after watching the film clips of “Aotron Age” – so much that he hopes to be able to make a model of anti-Hulk armor. Since the film was just released, it was obviously difficult to find a ready-made 3D model, so he decided to model himself and then print it in 3D.

The so-called anti-Hulk armor is designed by Iron Man Stark to deal with the heavy armor of the Hulk Hulk. This is obviously a prestige and superior equipment, it is not easy to make. But Cambrain set a goal for himself and decided to start with the design of the portrait.

“The design software I use is ZBrush-4R7,” explains Cambrain. “Some of the features in this version are very important for robotic design. For example, using the “ZModeler” feature I can easily stretch the geometry. It took almost a week of spare time to model."

After spending a lot of time, Cambrain finally designed an action doll for 3D printing. He divided it into 12 separate parts: head, body, arms, legs, feet, thighs, knees and several nails. He then used the Ultimaker 2 3D printer to print these components separately at the highest possible resolution. It took the incredible 34 hours to print on the body, and the legs and arms took another 7-8 hours. Obviously the plain Hulkbuster suit is incomplete, so Cambrain gave the dolls an orange, gold and chrome color according to the standard image.

The assembled doll is 23 cm high and 18 cm wide. The head, knees, legs and arms are all movable and can be said to be perfect.

If you also want to 3D print such an anti-Hook armor, Cambrain provides the available design files, but it's not free, you need to spend $2 to download from Shapetizer.

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