Digital Multimeter VC890D

Features of VC890D digital multimeter: 1. New anti-vibration sleeve, streamlined design, comfortable hand; 2. Large screen display, clear writing; 3. Metal shield, anti-magnetic, anti-interference ability; 4. Change traditional automatic power off, normal Operation constant power; 5, full protection function, anti-high voltage ignition circuit design; digital multimeter VC890D parameters and functions basic function range. Basic accuracy DC voltage 200mV/2V/20V/200V/1000V±(0.5%+3) AC Voltage 2V/20V/200V/750V±(0.8%+5) DC current 20uA/2mA /200mA/20A±(0.8%+10) AC current 2mA /200mA/20A±(1.0%+15) Resistance 200Ω/2kΩ/ 20kΩ/200kΩ/2MΩ/20MΩ±(0.8%+3) Capacitance 20nF/2uF/200uF±(2.5%+20) Special Function VC890D Diode Test √ Triode Test √ On-off Alarm √ Low Voltage Display √ Auto Power Off √ Function Protection √ Self-recovery insurance protection √ Shock protection √ Input impedance 10MΩ Sampling frequency 3 times / s AC frequency response (40-400) Hz Operation mode Manual range maximum display 1999 LCD display 61 × 36mm power supply 9V (6F22) Digital multimeter VC890D general characteristics: Body color body - dark gray anti-vibration sleeve - yellow body weight about 400g (with battery) Body size 175×93×55mm standard accessories, pen, battery, manual, certificate, standard inner packaging, color box, outer packaging size, 40.5×35×45mm, standard packaging quantity, 30 sets of standard packaging, gross weight, about 25kg

Laptop Backpack

As a result of the use of shockproof protection materials, coupled with special ergonomic design and unique reinforcement production technology, very solid and durable, popular. Laptop Document Bag in addition to a special shockproof computer protection layer, there is considerable space can be used for small items such as travel luggage. Many high quality shoulders backpack is also widely used as a sports travel bag. If you need go to business and study, the canvas backpack will be your best choosing. And also you could choose our other Sports Backpack.

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