Discussion on Printing, Packaging and Making Technology of Business Cards

Seventh, [business card paper]

Paper for business cards in this column is basically made of paper (pulp paper). There are various types of paper, ranging from ordinary textured papers to advanced imported papers. The following types are introduced to you. Which suitable for their own production of business cards paper, more use of white cloth pattern, Indonesian white cardboard. Because of the use of inkjet printers for making business cards, and the use of white paper for making business cards, the colors of designs can be printed correctly. If background paper is used, the printed color will be color cast and the designed color will not be printed correctly.

18K color business card paper 160 grams color cloth paper (various color of the cloth paper)

160 grams of color-printed textured paper (10 business cards per sheet for various logos or patterns)

160g color printing copperplate paper (10 business cards per sheet, can be printed with various logos or patterns)

180g color printing white paper (10 business cards per sheet can be printed with various logos or patterns)

18K special business card paper 180g Indonesian white cardboard - most used

230g Indonesian White Card (10 business cards per sheet)

160g white and medium textured paper (10 business cards per sheet) --- use most

180g white coarse textured paper (10 business cards per sheet)

180g dragon (various colors) (10 business cards per sheet)

200g triangle paper (various colors) (10 business cards per sheet)

200g silk paper (various colors) (10 business cards per sheet)

200g color paper (various colors) (10 business cards per sheet)

230g incense paper (various colors) (10 business cards per sheet)

Synthetic paper

Synthetic paper (namely tearing business card paper) is actually a film of plastic texture. This type of paper is only suitable for making business cards with a laser printer. It cannot be made with ink jet printers because plastic film cannot absorb ink. The color ink ejected by inkjet printers cannot be absorbed on synthetic paper. Even after drying, it cannot be used. Ie off.

Because computer-generated business cards can only be printed on synthetic paper with a laser printer. Therefore, the use of synthetic paper must pay attention to the use of high-temperature synthetic paper, synthetic paper can not use ordinary offset printing cards, otherwise it will damage the laser printer. Ordinary synthetic paper melts at a high temperature and sticks to the fixing portion of the paper ejected by the laser printer, causing damage to the laser printer. Please pay special attention.

Synthetic papers sold in the market have a variety of specifications. The quality of the imported synthetic paper is the best. The printed handwriting is very clear, and the paper surface is smooth and flat. The paper is thin, but the price is more than twice as expensive as domestic paper. Because of the higher price, it is not easy to buy such paper. Domestic synthetic paper has a variety of choices, some of the printed words are easily erased, and there will be scattered toner around the word when printing, this type of paper is not easy to use; domestic synthetic paper also has better quality, The printing effect is close to the imported paper. The paper is slightly thicker. It is best to choose this type of paper to ensure the printing effect. The purchase of synthetic paper must be tested on its own laser printer and it is considered acceptable before it can be purchased in bulk.

Synthetic paper printing is more difficult to print than plain paper. The most common problem is the appearance of scattered toner around the word. The solution is to reduce the printing density. Generally, reducing the level from one level to two can solve the problem. But to ensure that the text prints the concentration. The method of reducing the concentration can be set on the panel directly on the advanced laser printer. Other printers can select the appropriate options in the printer settings.

[Overmolded paper]

Plastic printed paper business cards were developed in the early 1990s with the advent of "computer business card software." Its appearance has changed the history of monotonous use of printed business cards. Laminated business card paper generally uses 18k copperplate paper to print a variety of color patterns on the paper (ten business cards can be printed on each page), then use the business card design software on the computer to type the business card data, and then use a laser printer to print the entire page When they came out, they were over-laminated with special laminating film, and they were cut out by a business card cutting machine to produce exquisite business cards with colorful patterns. At that time, it was all the rage. After years of development, many graphic design companies across the country have designed many beautiful works for this purpose. According to statistics, there are about hundreds of species, world-famous tourist attractions, animals, flowers, gifts, scenic landscapes, computers, and all walks of life. Industry company logo and so on.

[Over plastic piece]

The plastic sheet is used for the plastic business cards produced with the above-mentioned laminating copper plate paper. There are two thicknesses, 4s and 5s, which can be used for different paper thicknesses. If you choose 4s thick film and copper plate paper thinner choice, pay attention to the temperature and method when laminating, because thin film and paper are easy to appear wrinkle during lamination, so be sure to grasp the temperature And how to feed paper. (Finish)

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