Disney Toys Patchwork Giant Christmas Tree Appears in London

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] According to the US "Huffington Post" reported on November 15, a Christmas tree up to 45 feet (about 14 meters) was exhibited at St Pancras Railway Station in London, England. This Christmas tree is completely made up of Disney plush toys , including Peter Pan, Mickey Mouse and Lion King Simba and many other favorite characters.
Giant christmas tree
What's more interesting is that Disney's beauty villain series also appeared. Let's see if you know these beautiful villains:
"Sleeping Beauty" - Marlene Fiesen, "Alice in Wonderland" - Queen of Hearts, "Mermaid" - Sea Wusula, "The Bad Queen" in "Snow White", "Cinderella" - Mrs. Cui Meien, the vicious queen, " Princess Rapunzel (also known as "Lettuce Girl") - Witch Gaosuo, "Stone in the Stone" - witch Mim. (Internship Compilation: Ding Tian Review: Zhu Yingku)

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