Disposable vegetables for healthy eating

General Mills in Minneapolis, United States, introduced the new Green Giant(R) Just for ONE! The product is easy to use and is packaged in a separate package, so that consumers no longer have reasons to skip vegetables. This one-time side dish is scheduled to be launched later this month and includes two varieties: Broccoli & Cheese Sauce and Niblets Corn & Cream Sauce. George Tuszkiewicz, Head of Packaging Technology at General Mills, said: "The packaging system is very beneficial for the future expansion of the production line."

Just for ONE! is a solution that General Mills has launched to meet the needs of consumers for convenient, easy-to-control side dishes and snacks. Tuszkiewicz explained: “More and more consumers are starting to focus on a healthy diet, but at the same time to really win their favor, they need something else, such as ease of use.”

The vegetables are individually packed in a special square polypropylene container. The container is provided by a proprietary supplier and consists of two grids: the larger grid contains frozen vegetables, and the smaller grid contains cheese or cream sauce. Above the tray is a transparent polyester extruded film. The film is also supplied by a proprietary supplier and can be peeled off during microwave heating. The heating time in the microwave oven only takes two minutes to two and a half minutes.

This vegetable dish is packed in a four-pack, in a .016 solid color vulcanized cardboard sleeve with a photograph of the vegetables that were made well, and the image of the same person in the product, the “Jolly” green giant. General Mills said the suggested retail price for this 17-ounce 4-pack product is $3.79.

Source: Packaging Expo

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