Do a good job in skin care and micro plastic surgery

Looking at the smooth and rich skin of the stars, are you envious? Do you want to take the idea of ​​moving a knife on your face? Are you also entangled in the sequelae of micro-plastic surgery? In fact, getting started early, the "micro-shaping and maintenance" of the face is completely comparable to the effect of micro plastic surgery.

Skin care

Micro-plastic beauty pros and cons

Dr. Zhao Jun from the world's first world-class 5-star medical center, Lai King Medical, told us that if you are trying a micro plastic surgery project for the first time, you may wish to start with the following three projects:

"Face-faced" Botox

Many celebrity artists regularly go to the "one-shot" botulinum, which is to inject nerve-blocking agents into the overactive muscles, let the muscles paralyze and relax, and achieve a smooth and firm skin.

Benefits: Allow over-developed muscles such as head-up lines, eyebrow lines, masticatory muscles and even calves to relax and achieve a contraction and firming effect.

Disadvantages: The amount of injection is not easy to control, it will make the expression stiff and unnatural, and the effect can only last for 3 to 6 months.

Cost: The expression pattern injection is about 5000-10000 yuan, and the face is about 5000 yuan.

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