Edible packaging film

A food packaging paper made from protein, fat, and starch, which can be digested and used as a base material, does not affect the flavor of the packaged food. After the packaging function is completed, the packaged product can be eaten or used as a power feed to save resources. It does not pollute the environment and is welcomed by the market. For example, in Japan, decapsuled chitosan extracted from shells has been developed and used to manufacture an edible package. The packaged instant noodles, condiments, and the like can be directly put into a pan for cooking without removing the package. German invented chlorophyll-stained film: Since most green foods contain chlorophyll, this pigment undergoes photooxidation under light irradiation, decomposes energy in foods and causes food rot, and this new film can protect foods well. Decay due to chlorophyll.

Reprinted from: Guangdong Packaging Magazine

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