Elderly custom furniture market has broad prospects

“Parents have to move from their hometown to live with us after the Chinese New Year, so we plan to choose a set of furniture suitable for the elderly.” Mr. Chen has a headache recently. “It’s really hard to pick a lot of stores when you visit a lot of stores. The material is suitable, the style is not good, the style can be, the price is high, it is not good, can only find the manufacturer to customize." It is understood that the current home design is based on aesthetics, personalization, and application, more in line with the needs of young people, the furniture designed for the elderly is very rare, and the furniture stores or shopping malls belonging to the elderly are even more . With the passage of time, the aging of the elderly, the attention and demand of the elderly furniture will be higher and higher, the elderly furniture customization market prospects are very broad.

The trend of aging drives the attention of aged furniture

China has entered the ranks of an aging country. It is estimated that by 2020, the number of elderly people in China will exceed 200 million, reaching 15% of the total population, and this trend of aging continues. In the context of the majority of the elderly who choose to stay at home, the elderly furniture has attracted widespread attention.

"Everyone thinks that the concept of heavy energy consumption for the elderly is misunderstood. In fact, the quality of life for the elderly is getting higher and higher, and the children want to make their parents' life in their later life happier and use comfortable household items. Therefore, the elderly have An immeasurable market demand." The owner of a furniture factory in Guangzhou said. The furniture for the elderly is mainly aimed at the problems caused by the age of the elderly and has certain requirements for the family. These requirements are taken into consideration from the aspects of the material and style design of the furniture. For example, the chair's seat surface should be about 1 cm lower than the calf. The chair is too low, not only difficult to stand up, it is easy to cause wrestling, but sitting too low, the knees are arched, and it is easy to cause discomfort in the elderly.

"Chinese people still pay attention to filial piety. Parents are older. It is also appropriate to choose a suitable set of furniture for them. After all, there are many inconveniences in the life of the elderly." Mr. Chen said that the rooms in the home originally had a set of furniture for the parents. Live, I hope to re-place the bed, sofa and benches that are more suitable for them. "If you talk to your parents about it, they will definitely think about saving money. If you have furniture, you can change it, but you should change it for your parents, so that you should consider it for your parents and let them live comfortably. It is nothing to spend money." Mr. Chen believes that it is really not a perfect fit, and customization is also a good way. It is understood that the consumption of furniture for the elderly is in fact a lot of children out of filial piety.

The market is difficult to special style

“Older sofa? Our brand has no special products, but this sofa material is not too soft, suitable for the elderly. The elderly have inconvenient legs and legs. When sitting on the sofa, it is difficult to use the leg support. The sofa surface is too soft. "I can't do it." In a home furnishing store in Panyu District, Guangzhou, a salesperson of brand furniture told reporters that there are very few special elderly furniture available, but each manufacturer will have ready-made styles suitable for the elderly, just Consumers need to consult and identify carefully when purchasing. Some brands of electric massage chairs also have a design for the physiological characteristics of the elderly, but they are not specifically marked as "elderly dedicated". "Our massage chairs are actually very suitable for the elderly, massage shoulders are very comfortable, but young people also have Massage needs such as shoulder and back cervical vertebrae, if it is marked for the elderly, it is equivalent to narrowing down the target consumer group, no manufacturers will do so," said an electric massage chair salesperson.

“The reason why elderly furniture is rare in the market is that the biggest reason for the elderly is not clear.” According to industry insiders, in the furniture industry, the exclusive needs of the elderly are not much different from those of adults. There is a distinction between comfort and safety. Mr. Li, who has been engaged in the furniture business for many years, said: "The market for aged furniture is more difficult to develop. In terms of safety and comfort, older furniture should be more functional."

Older furniture customization is more intimate

Since the market is hard to find exclusive products, many consumers will focus on the customized market. It is understood that the design of the furniture for the elderly does have a lot of attention, and the customized products can be closer to the needs of consumers regardless of the material, style and functionality.

According to reports, when people reach old age, the coordination ability of the body is reduced. Therefore, in the design of furniture form, some sharp and sleek shapes should be used to reduce the occurrence of situations other than bumps and abrasions, and psychologically give the elderly. Take a sense of security. The comfort of furniture depends mainly on the rationality of its dimensions. Designers should make full use of the principles of ergonomics, and set the dimensions of the furniture and the overall shape according to the specific changes of the mind and body of the elderly, so as to create a relaxed, happy, healthy and happy old age for the elderly. For example, the width of the seat surface of sofas and chairs should be larger, because people are generally too fat in their old age, and the large size of the seat makes them more convenient to sit and more free to move; in terms of height, As people reach old age, their height is relatively young, their middle age is short, and their arm and leg strength are reduced. The furniture with lower height is more convenient and comfortable to sit on. If the height of the general seat is 400 mm, the seat designed for the elderly can be set between 360-380 mm. In addition, according to the changes in the body of the elderly, the reclining angle and the sitting angle of the seat should be larger to increase the comfort; as far as possible, there are handrails, the presence of the handrail can facilitate the elderly to grasp when sitting up, increase the body balance The fulcrum is easier and more convenient to sit up. At the same time, for cabinets with drawers and top cabinets, it is not advisable to have drawers below the knees and over-the-top cabinets to reduce the height and height of the elderly. To reduce the existence of insecurity factors.

Older furniture should follow the principles of portability, environmental protection and affordability in the selection of materials. As people get older and their resistance declines, health has become a major concern in their lives. Therefore, in the choice of materials, pay special attention to its environmental protection. For furniture materials, natural materials such as wood, bamboo and rattan have better environmental protection than synthetic materials, and should be the first choice for elderly furniture materials.

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