Evaluation: Gujia 681 leather sofa without corners is softer and safer

Evaluation staff: Qingqing and Mumu, editors of this website

Evaluation product: Gujia home leather sofa

Product model: 681-3 + T

1. The first impression of the evaluation: the color is calm and low-key suitable for modern style decoration

The style of the sofa often determines the style of the entire living room, so we choose the sofa to see whether it is consistent with the overall style we want.

Gujia 681 leather sofa front (live shot)

Gujia 681 leather sofa is the most classic black, calm and low-key, the most suitable for modern home decoration style.

Gujia 681 leather sofa modern style decoration effect appreciation

Impression summary: Because of the problem of shooting light, the pictures made by the editor seem to be not as high-end as the high-end atmosphere of the decoration renderings given by the manufacturer. However, from the effect seen by the naked eye on the scene, the editor thinks the whole is still good. After all, the scene is just an exhibition hall, the lights are dim, and there is no such a warm home scene. I believe everyone moved it to their own living room, and the effect should not be worse than this one.

2. Appearance: arc-shaped, non-angular design, safety + humanity

The style is appropriate, we need to understand the details and functional design of the sofa to meet the needs of our own life.

design concept--

All corners of Gujia 681 leather sofa are rounded

Safety: The design concept of this sofa is "safety without corners" and humanized design. The whole sofa is processed with a smooth and non-angled process structure. Ensure that the children at home will not be bumped and injured.

Gujia 681 leather sofa design leader is showing the humanity of the sofa to the editor

Humanization: The semicircular design of the front mouth of the lying position changes the traditional fixed orientation of sitting. The circular arc design also has an advantage. You can sit at any angle of the corner of the sofa, especially the right lying position. It is the same as the designer shows to the editor. It is no pressure to sit from any angle, and it is quite comfortable. !

Design concept summary : The sofa is not just a simple sitting tool, it can sometimes convey a kind of care. If there are children or the elderly at home, can this sofa relieve you of worries?

Modeling details——

Details determine quality, this sentence is right! When we have a good opinion of a product, we should dissect the details carefully and look at the product with a magnifying glass. Usually we can easily get the answer!

Gujia 681 leather sofa double bright line design

The use of strong light and dark contrasting double bright lines, while simple and calm, makes people feel a little more lively. The lines make the sofa look more dynamic and highlight the fashion sense of the product.

Gujia 681 leather sofa stitch closeup

The stitch spacing of this sofa is even and fine, and the pin spacing is small, which can make the sofa line more clear, and it is stronger and not easy to be damaged.

Summary of styling details: Only when the details are done well can the product look good and be used. The editor thinks that this sofa is already trustworthy in terms of fine stitches!

Three, sitting experience: ergonomic design, very comfortable!

The sofa should be the place where we will sit for the longest time besides the bed, so it is very important how the sofa sits.

Qi family staff experience the sitting feeling of Gujia 681 leather sofa

Sitting experience: The on-site editor also experienced the sitting feeling of the sofa. Overall, the elasticity is very good and the softness is moderate.

Gujia 681 leather sofa can be adjusted at will

Cushion: The cushion is very full and supports the entire waist, which can reduce the pressure on the lumbar spine. And can be placed freely, adjusted to their own best comfort. If you want to lie on the sofa, you can take the cushion away, so that the sofa has a spacious space to move!

Gujia 681 leather sofa ergonomic armrest design

Gujia 681 leather sofa armrest comfort experience

Armrests: The armrests are too high or too low, and it is not comfortable to sit for a long time. Gujia 681 leather sofa is designed strictly according to ergonomics. The 25 ° -30 ° health angle design conforms to the human body lying curvature, allowing you to perfectly release "pressure"!

The bottom of the sofa is about 15cm away from the ground, enough space for easy cleaning

In addition, the bottom of the sofa is about 15cm away from the ground, this height can be easily cleaned in the future.

Summary of sitting experience: From the perspective of sitting experience from various angles on the scene, this sofa is very good. It may be related to its streamlined design, but more should be related to the surface material and internal fillers Relevant, this point we will do the next key test.

Fourth, the sofa external material: the first opening of the first layer of yellow leather touch the real sense of value doubled

Insiders in the industry told the editor that leather sofas are worthless, and more than 50% of their value is reflected in leather! So what about the leather on this sofa?

Gujia 681 leather sofa leather uses the first layer of yellow leather

The first layer of yellow cowhide leather. Professionals told the editor that there are generally two types of leather used for sofas, yellow leather and buffalo leather. The same cowhide, the first layer of leather is the most valuable. Gu's sofa leather uses the first layer of yellow leather, and the quality can be completely assured!

Gujia 681 leather sofa feel experience

The surface of this sofa is embossed with a soft texture and good breathability. The editor felt the leather surface of the sofa with his hands, and the texture was soft and real. Close to the special smell, there is no obvious smell.

Gujia 681 leather sofa is designed with large opening leather

Whether the cowhide is spliced ​​or opened widely, this has a very big relationship with the cost. There are many materials for the large open cowhide, the overall look is more atmospheric, and the sense of value is full.

Gujia 681 leather sofa uses 5 large open cowhide leather

Special note: The front of this sofa can directly contact the skin, which is leather, including the seat, the front of the bag, and the armrest. Others are synthetic leather, including the back of the bag and the back of the sofa.

Summary of leather evaluation: The editor also took a trick in this evaluation primary and secondary school, choosing a leather sofa, focusing on leather! Whether it's material selection or leather material, this sofa of Gu's home makes people feel that high-end is tasteful! The price of 5999 is for this large piece of cowhide, which is probably worth it!

Bottom material——

Gujia 681 leather sofa "dolphin mouth" shape sofa legs

The shape of the zinc alloy foot sofa feet and the shape of the "dolphin mouth" highlight the firmness and power of the product.

5. Internal material and structure of the sofa: "S" shaped spring + elastic band + sponge + fleece

It is undoubtedly the most effective way to check the quality of the sofa when visiting the factory. This time in Hangzhou, I have the honour to visit the entire Gujia home factory and visit the various assembly lines of the sofa.

Gujia 681 leather sofa interior filler

Taking the reclining position as an example, this sofa is completely designed from the perspective of ergonomics. In the lying position near the back, use more small density sponge to make everyone's back experience more comfortable.

Gujia 681 leather sofa bottom structure

The bottom of the sofa uses "S" shaped spring + elastic bandage to ensure the elasticity of the sofa. The outer wooden frame is made of imported boxwood, and the inner wooden frame is made of northeastern larch wood, which is made of solid wood.

Summary of internal material evaluation: What about the internal structure and materials? This is a good reflection of the quality of a product or even a brand. Gu Jia can rest assured that we will visit all production links and allow photographs, which many brands cannot do.

Evaluation summary: Gujia 681 leather sofa uses the first layer of yellow leather, soft and real touch, using large pieces of leather stitching, full of sense of value. From the appearance, the design of the double bright line is simple and bright, and the dark brown color is calm and low-key, which is very suitable for the modern style living room. At the same time as it looks good, this sofa also pays great attention to ergonomics, seat armrests, cushions, softness of the lying position, etc. have scientific considerations, so that you can feel comfortable sitting in all angles and positions. S-shaped spring + elastic bandage is used to ensure the elasticity of the sofa. However, this sofa is more suitable for medium-sized apartment and above. If the size of the apartment is too small, you may need to carefully consider it ~

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