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[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Many women want to become "Goddess" level figures, especially those who are loved by their own as goddess, want to be a goddess in addition to natural beauty, through the day after dressing can also be modified The wardrobe has such a magical function, and a perfect cloakroom allows you to inspire your clothes at any time.

Overall wardrobe

List record

As the saying goes, there is always one less piece of clothing in a woman's closet, but in fact, most clothes in the closet are usually only 20%. Smart women always know what is right for them. For those out-of-date clothes, they would rather throw them away. And can't take up her wardrobe space. Is your wardrobe used to store clothes or as a storage room? Do you want to store cosmetics, accessories, bedding, shoes, hats or boxes? List them one by one to avoid forgetting the details when designing.

Position placement

Whether it is a whole wardrobe or an open wardrobe, their location in the home can be determined by the space and their living habits. First consider when you use the wardrobe most of the time, when you get up, after the shower, before going out or when ironing clothes? If you don't have a cloakroom, the ideal plan is to arrange the closet in a space close to the usual place, but avoid the humidity, too Crowded, space is limited, you can consider the use of built-in wardrobe with sliding doors.

Storage method

Draw your own look of the wardrobe in your own way, and measure the maximum size of the length, width and depth of the wardrobe space. According to the items and the number of pieces to be placed, the hanging area, the stacking area, the drawer, the basket and the multi-treasure are determined. The number and location of the grid. The design should take into account the habit of using, if the two share a cloakroom, the first should be divided according to the person using the wardrobe. With this well-designed drawing, you can go to the market to buy it.

Lighting effect

If the wardrobe is large and the frequency of use is high, consider installing lighting. The lighting method of the closet should be combined: in addition to the ceiling light installed in the room, several top spotlights can be arranged at the top of the wardrobe. When selecting the light fixture, you must pay attention to the light bulb whose color temperature is close to natural light, so that the color seen when selecting the clothes It will be consistent with natural light; LED inductive light source can be installed in the inner concealed area and corner. LED light is not only energy-saving, but also has low heat dissipation and is safer to use in the closet.

Personalized accessories

Households who are used to ironing clothes can embed an ironing board and a shelf for placing irons in the cloakroom or closet, so that it is very convenient to open each time you use it. Fans of extreme sports such as hiking, camping, diving, skiing, etc. should open up special locations to store these appliances. If the space is not very spacious, the mirror also needs to be installed in the cabinet, and the mirror that can be rotated and retracted is a good choice. These personalized accessories can be considered after the wardrobe is installed. After all, the main function of the wardrobe is to store clothes.

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