Explain how to make a new way for domestic scientific instruments

“In 2014, the revenue growth of domestically produced instrument enterprises was 18.10%, and the profit increased by 15.28%. With the development and progress of enterprises, domestic instrument enterprises will be “quickly profitable, low-cost, low-quality, coreless (no core technology) in the past ten years. The "Unlimited" 'transformed into the next decade's 'entrepreneur, artisan, innovative, and cultural'." The theme of the "new normal, new thinking, new competition," the Chinese Instrument and Instrument Institute Analytical Instrument Branch 2015 Academic Annual Meeting Held in Guiyang. Cao Naiyu, secretary general of the Analytical Instrument Branch of the China Instrument and Meter Industry Association, made an "Analysis Instrument Enterprise Survey Report" at the conference. The report is based on a survey of a large number of domestic scientific instruments companies.

The level of self-equipment of scientific instruments is one of the important indicators of the country's independent innovation capability. The tremendous progress of the domestic instrument industry has largely benefited from China's plan to revitalize the domestic scientific instrument industry. In 2011, the central government invested 1.3 billion yuan in scientific research and development for the first time, and launched a special project for the development of major national scientific instruments and equipment and a major national scientific instrument. Beijing, Shanghai and other three provinces and cities and 11 departments including the Ministry of Education were included in the first batch of pilot projects. In the past three years, 14 projects recommended by the Science and Technology Commission, such as the “Development and Application of Scientific Equipment for Testing Materials and Components in Extremely Special Environments”, have been established in the Ministry of Science and Technology.

In 2012, the Capital Science and Technology Condition Platform Scientific Instrument Development and Cultivation Project was launched, with a view to tapping the advantages of platform resources, actively guiding various open laboratories, engineering centers, enterprises to carry out research and development activities, and promote the transformation of results, and other production, research and use of various subjects. Combine. A total of 203 national and municipal key laboratories and engineering centers were mobilized, and 227 times of instrument R&D and production enterprises participated in the cultivation project.

Previously, the Capital Science and Technology Resource Service was once described as “a pair of grasses while starving to death”. How to transform the potential of “sleeping” technology into real productivity? The Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission carried out a series of top-level system design, focused on building a “capital science and technology condition platform”, and explored the “Beijing model” for promoting the sharing of science and technology resources and common development of the capital. Since June 2009, 38,400 units (sets) of instruments and equipment worth 19.2 billion yuan have been opened to the public on the “Capital Science and Technology Condition Platform”, which has promoted the transfer of more than 500 mature research results. 10,670 enterprises enjoyed various services of the capital science and technology condition platform, and the service contract amounted to 2.056 billion yuan.

In 2015, the Center for Testing and Certification of Capital Science and Technology Conditions Platform established a platform for verification and comprehensive evaluation of domestic testing equipment. At present, a comprehensive service platform covering the whole process of R&D, production and application of instruments, a full-chain innovation service platform, and a common technical service platform dedicated to the development of testing methods and standard research services for various innovation subjects have been formed.

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