Explanation of 22 nouns that printing production personnel must read

1. Adjust the amount of ink and control the position of midtones. Large Gamma values ​​make the image bright and light, and small Gamma values ​​make the image dark and dark.

2. DeltaE: is the mean square deviation of the two colors based on the lab value of the independent color gamut space, which is a measure of the degree of difference between the two colors. China's printing industry standard DeltaE: 5-6 can meet the requirements of printing and copying.

3. Maximum density: There is no uniform standard in the world. The commonly used standards for lithographic coated paper are: C1.55-1.60, M1.45-1.50, Y1.25-1.30, K1.85-1.90.

4. Linear file lookUpTable: Due to different printers, different inks, different paper suitability, and different linear curves.

5. Printable ICC file: The printed ICC file is the basis and data source for digital proofing. ICC chose CIEXYZ and CIELab, two device-independent color spaces, called PCS (ProfileConnectionSpace).

6. Accuracy of digital proofing: color simulation can reach 95%, the average color difference of 928 color patches is less than 3.5, and the average color difference of neutral gray balance and some memory colors is less than 2.

7. Incorrect color: When the linearization is inaccurate, the printed ICC color gamut is smaller than the printed color gamut ICC, the digital sample is incorrect. Color simulation objects: printing density values ​​and dot expansion values ​​are not standardized, which will affect the accuracy of ICC files.

8. RIP (rasterimagepostscript): Translate the arranged layout in the language of the imagesetter. Prefighting (Prefight) is the inspection of files before RIP processing. "Software explanation" can find things that "file header reading" can't find. It is a method to eliminate deep-level file errors, which can solve RIP garbled characters, lost text, and replacement errors. The maximum coverage of the ink dots of the printing press is 330%, while the dot coverage of the image file is set to 350%.

9. CIELab is called the device-independent color space and becomes the standard color space for color conversion. CIELab's standard for measuring color is based on the way the human eye receives it, not on the device that produces it.

10. Color gamut: l * a * b has the widest color gamut, including all color gamuts in the RGB and CMYK color gamuts.

11. ICCProfile: The foundation of color management is ICCProfile, which is a cross-platform file format, which defines the color data required for color matching in different color spaces.

12. Color management module (CMM): The color management data integration module, or CMM, is a mathematical operation engine that connects the source color space to the target color space through PCS to achieve color space conversion. )

13. CIP4 (International cooperation for Integration of processes in prepress press and postpress) International Color Union organization, including pre-press, printing, post-press and job subpoena management, has become a new standard in the printing industry, equipment and process support is to ensure CIP4 support. Inkpro each color version of each ink key imprint distribution percentage, control ink key increase and decrease instructions. However, it is necessary to consider file conversion, equipment type, arrangement of ink stick and water stick, ink type, fountain solution, paper type, ink stick swing, etc. The core technology of each factory is different, and the digital workflow is helpful to find problems, but The level of the operator is the guarantee of high quality.

14. The PPF (printproductionformat) format can enable pre-press, printing and post-press information sharing and unobstructed transmission.

15. Smart Label SmartLabel: It uses radio frequency identification technology RFID, embedded IC chip and transmitting antenna, and uses a reader to read the label without contacting the label within 1 meter.

16. Digital asset management DAM: digital content for publishing, printing, broadcasting or trading owned by various media industries, such as newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, printing houses, radio stations, television stations, websites, etc., can be stored in digital form Various information. Realize material, finished product management, workflow management, personnel management, archive storage management, system management.

17. Digital image technology: Pixel is one of the important indicators to measure digital cameras, image sensor (CCD, COMS) type and size, optical lens, function, LCD screen size and quality, flash memory capacity, shooting speed, exposure time , The image storage format is affected again.

5 million pixel image = 2560dpi * 1920dpi,

b300dpi printing: (2560dpi / 300) * (1920dpi / 300) = 9inch * 7inch

150dpi printing: 2560dpi / 150 * 1920dpi / 150 = 17inch * 13inch

18. High-fidelity printing (Hexachrome): Improve clarity and expand the color gamut, not to copy the original, but to maximize the color close to the natural world. Use three-dimensional color space to control neutral gray and color gray. The color gamut of four-color prints is less than 1/2 of the color gamut visible to the human eye.

19. OPI (OpenPrepressInterface): When linking and converting between low-resolution and high-resolution images, the images are easy to lose.

20. ERP (EnterpriseResourcePlanning Enterprise Resource Planning): An enterprise information management system for the integrated management of material resources, capital resources, time resources, and information resources for the manufacturing industry.

21. Flexible plate: It is a type of relief plate, which is made of chemically synthesized materials and is not rigid. Direct plate-making is the use of laser or other light source to expose or ablate the flexible plate. The rubber plate has a resolution of 600dpi and is suitable for general packaging products. The resolution of the photopolymer plate is 2000-4200dpi.

22. CDI (CyrelDigitalImager): developed by esko and DuPont, you can use Durel's Cyrel plate material or BASF photosensitive resin plate.

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