Fitness saves money ten tricks: cool is a life attitude

"Cool pull" is a Broadwood attitude to life, but also a fashionable way of life, energy-saving and environmentally friendly home and practical. Want to know how the cool Yi people exercise ?

1. Make a mark on the calendar

Discounts for gyms are generally in January and September, so joining a member during these two months is likely to be more affordable than usual. However, if you are not joining in the past two months, then first look at some of the gyms near you and go to the ones you are most interested in. When you communicate, tell them about the other fees ( if their charges are lower ) , in order to retain your customer, they are likely to give you a discount.

2. Active requirements, only have benefits

The fees and benefits of each gym are different, and the information is not necessarily open to the public, so you need to ask them what special activities they have. When you join the club, you can ask for a " free private training course if you become a long-term member."

3. Bring your friends to come

Most gyms offer referrals, and if your friends or family are interested in fitness, take them with you. This way you may have a free month, free private training courses or other offers. Moreover, if you have a companion, you will be more active in sports .

4. Don't be fashionable

To train well, you need a good pair of shoes, but a pair of good shoes don't need to be fashionable. You can go find some styles for the last season's discounts. If you feel that you want a pair of updated shoes, many websites offer very good discounts on some branded products. To buy a sweatshirt, this is definitely a good choice.

5. Make your sports shoes more durable

We recommend replacing your sneakers after running 300-500 miles , but there is a simpler way to keep your shoes fresh. After the exercise, don't throw the sweaty shoes in the closet, but put them in the open space to dry, which helps keep the shoes clean and fresh. Only wearing running shoes while running. This seems to be a clear reminder, but when you are running, wearing running shoes for daily chores or cross-training sessions, you are walking a few more miles in the invisible. Slowly, after a long time, you will abolish your running shoes. . Remember to put on a pair of comfortable flat shoes or other suitable shoes after the next race.

6. Participate in local activities

Sports competitions or similar events organized by your local club or small organization are usually cheaper than those for national projects sponsored by the company.

7. Don't be obsessed with those high-tech gadgets.

Jade Alexis , a trainer at the Sports Medicine Institute at the Reebok Sports Club in New York, said: " Don't waste money on a watch with hundreds of features. You can't play it, and you probably won't be able to use the features it has. " A simple timer and heartbeat monitor is enough.

8. Comfortable first

The degree of love for beautiful clothes is human nature, but if you go to the discount retail store to buy sportswear, you can save a lot of money. If you are exercising at home, don't wear any spandex clothing. Put on your usual home clothes, as long as you are comfortable.

9. Pick up at your fingertips

More creativity, not everything needs to be bought from the mall. Cyndi Lee , director of the Om Yoga Studio in New York, gave a good suggestion: "When doing hot yoga , you can use a beach towel or a bath towel as a mat, and a large book on it."

10. Keep an eye on offers

Want to get the best information about your favorite clubs ? Internet ! There is so much information on social networks . You will find free classes and discounts from some new teachers. By signing up, you can get a cool giveaway, like a free customer admission ticket or a discount coupon for the next course. You can ask the reception for any questions about the special treatment of social networks.

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