Floor maintenance back film prevents the solid wood floor from arching

Solid wood flooring is a floor that is directly processed from wood. It is the most traditional and ancient floor. Therefore, it has the advantages of no pollution, natural pattern, elegant weight, rich texture, and elastic reality. It is currently the floor of home decoration. Preferred material. However, solid wood flooring also has its inherent disadvantages: it is not wear-resistant, and it is easy to lose luster, especially in places where humidity changes greatly, and it is prone to expansion and contraction, resulting in arch cracking.

The moisture content of solid wood flooring is the most important factor that directly affects the deformation of the floor. The national standard for moisture content is 7% - 14%, but the atmospheric equilibrium moisture content in the Yangtze River Delta is about 14.5%, while the moisture content of solid wood flooring. The closer to the equilibrium moisture content, the less likely the floor will deform. The moisture content of solid wood flooring varies with environmental factors. The factors affecting the moisture content of solid wood flooring are: yellow plum season or continuous shower, moisture volatilized by various materials in the decoration, moisture in the keel, ground moisture, etc., which will affect the moisture content of the solid wood floor.

At present, the back film is a moisture-proof technology for the more popular solid wood flooring, and this technology is beneficial for improving the moisture-proof deformation of the solid wood floor. Therefore, consumers must understand whether they use this moisture-proof technology when purchasing solid wood flooring. The solid wood flooring produced by Suzhou Guolu Wood Co., Ltd. used this laminating technology. After more than three years of hard work and more than 2,000 trials, they finally succeeded in trial-manufacturing the aluminum lamination technology on the back of solid wood flooring. It can effectively reduce the influence of the environment, especially the decoration environment on the moisture content of the solid wood floor, and greatly reduce the probability of deformation of the floor, which can effectively extend the service life of the floor.

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